CPDF-Mt. Province on declaring September 11 as Marcos day

The people of Mt. Province condemn any further attempt of the Congress to deem Ferdinand Marcos a national hero. Recently, legislators passed a bill proclaiming Marcos’s birthday (September 11) as a holiday. The said bill is utterly senseless and anti-people, particularly in the middle of the health and economic crises.

Throughout history, it was Marcos that had permitted the swift and violent entry of foreign and greedy companies of dams, mining, and logging in Mt. Province and the Cordillera. Alongside these was the heavy military deployments to protect the aforementioned projects which only serve the interests of Marcos, his cronies, and US imperialism. The national minorities were subjected to violations of their welfare and right to self-determination.

What must be always recalled and celebrated is the people’s brave, committed, and honorable defense of their ancestral lands and human rights – including economic, political, and cultural rights. Such feats were achieved through the people’s collective action, the exponential development of revolutionary organizations, and the advance of the people’s democratic revolution.

We must remember and hold high the elders and the people’s heroes who did not waver from the collective duty to uphold the people’s interests and against the fascist and dictator Marcos and Duterte, and the ruling classes who oppress and exploit the masses. The masses are the motive force that shall change this rotten system. The masses are the real heroes.

Marcos, not a hero! Resist dictatorship and tyranny!
Long live the the memory of the true people’s heroes!
Overthrow the fascist US-Duterte regime!

CPDF-Mt. Province on declaring September 11 as Marcos day