CPP condemns violent dispersal, arrests in NutriAsia strike

The Communist Party of the Philippines condemns in the strongest possible terms the Duterte regime and its police forces for carrying out the brutal dispersal of striking workers, student activists, media workers and other supporters at the picketline outside the NutriAsia factory in Marilao, Bulacan this afternoon.

NutriAsia workers have been on strike to demand the reinstatement of union organizers, regularization of contractual workers in the giant condiments company. They were holding an ecumenical mass in their picketline in front of the factory when more than 50 police officers and guards suddenly attacked their line and started to viciously attack the people with truncheons and stones.

An elderly woman suffered serious injuries together with at the least 10 other protesters. Three were reportedly rushed to the hospital. Anakbayan Secretary General Einstein Recedes, along with close to twenty others were arrested by the police. Reports say that the arrested people will be charged with trumped-up cases of illegal possession of firearms and drugs.

This vicious dispersal at NutriAsia marks the Duterte regime’s heightening attacks against the people. This full-force brutality unleashed against workers and supporters is in line with Duterte’s marching order to pursue a “relentless and chilling” war against the people, all under the thin veneer of fighting illegal drugs.

The violent NutriAsia dispersal aims to terrorize the Filipino workers who are waging just struggles against low wages, job insecurity, unfair labor practices and other oppressive and exploitative measures. By unleashing all-out brutality, Duterte is telling the workers that if they continue to protest, blood will flow, arrests will be imminent.

The Party calls on all workers to strengthen their resolve and not cower under these fascist attacks and brutalities of the Duterte regime. Extend support to the NutriAsia workers. Make all police officials pay for the crimes against the workers. Unleash the people’s wrath!

CPP condemns violent dispersal, arrests in NutriAsia strike