CPP doubts Ka Owen, friend killed in shootout in Naga

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed doubts that Bicol revolutionary leader Joey Fajardo engaged the military and police in a shootout before being killed last March 16 in Naga City. Fajardo, 55, was killed together with Liza Beriso Ocampo, a long-time migrant worker from Dubai, who owned the house where Fajardo was temporarily staying in.

“He was in Naga City to seek medical attention after suffering what medics believe was a mild-stroke a little more than a week ago,” said the CPP. “It is highly doubtful that Fajardo, in his condition, could engage in any sort of firefight with a combined military and police force.”

Based on our own information, Fajardo was unarmed while he went on medical leave. Ocampo, on the other hand, was a mere good samaritan who provided shelter to Fajardo through the intercession of common friends.

“Prima facie, the killing of Fajardo appears to be an assassination operation by the AFP and PNP under the cover of serving a warrant of arrest,” said the CPP.

Many fear that Fajardo’s assassination is part of the campaign of the Duterte regime to silence those who resist the looming dictatorship, especially with the publication recently of the petition by the DOJ listing more than 600 names alleged to be part of the CPP and New People’s Army (NPA).

According to news reports, the 9th ID identifies Fajardo as Ka Owen and alleges that he heads the CPP Regional Committee in Bicol. The AFP must answer whether the “Ka Owen” listed in the DOJ petition refers to Fajardo.

CPP doubts Ka Owen, friend killed in shootout in Naga