CPP twits Duterte: You will fail

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) strongly admonished Rodrigo Duterte for taunting revolutionary forces and vainly challenging them to continue the civil war.

You declaim, ‘Let us go to war!’ like a drug-crazed war freak,” the CPP told Duterte. “As if you gave peace a chance.”

Over the past two years, despite your peace prattle, not once did you silence the guns of war. You have never ordered your soldiers to relent in their offensives. Peaceful rural barangays are no more with battalions of soldiers occupying villages. People are gravely suffering under your total war, spuriously named ‘Oplan Kapayapaan.’” the CPP told Duterte.

The CPP again blasted Duterte for deliberately bungling the peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). “You have repeatedly tripped the peace talks just as these were making headway. You come up with one unacceptable condition after another. Now you repeat ad nauseum the lie that the NDFP wants to share power with you – they do not.”

The CPP said Duterte is now geared at undoing all past agreements. “You repeatedly claim that the GRP has been at the losing end of all past agreements. You now plan to throw 25 years of hard work down the drain.”

“Clearly you do not want peace. At least, not one that fixes the people’s problems which rouse them to rise up in arms–landlessness, unemployment, very low wages, rising prices, burdensome taxes, corruption and bureaucrats like you making money,” the CPP explained.

“What you want is for the revolutionary forces to surrender and bow before you. Indeed you are drunk with power,” the CPP stressed.

The CPP warned Duterte that his fascist ploys are doomed to fail.

“You think you can get away with your crimes and abuses. The Filipino people will not allow it. Your dream of silencing the people will fail. Your schemes of a dictatorship will fail. You wish to end the people’s armed resistance. You will definitely fail. Like your idol Marcos, you will end up right on top of the trash heap of history,” the CPP concluded.

CPP twits Duterte: You will fail