CPP welcomes call for UNHRC investigation of killings and rights abuses under Duterte

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) welcomes the call of esteemed international human rights stalwarts to the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) to conduct an investigation into widespread killings and human rights abuses perpetrated by state security forces under the Duterte regime.

After close to three years of impunity under Duterte, the Philippines is now in a state of human rights emergency. Besides countless extrajudicial killings, Duterte’s military and police forces and security agencies have perpetrated hundreds of cases of political imprisonment, filing of trumped-up charges and legal harassment, threats, armed raids of entire communities, hamletting and occupation of rural villages, population control, food and economic blockade, and so.

Any investigation must subject to critical inquiry both Duterte’s drug war, as well as his counterinsurgency directive “to end local communist armed conflict” and its various components including Mindanao martial law, Memorandum Order 30, Oplan Kapayapaan, Oplan Sauron and Oplan Kapanatagan.

The grave state of rights abuses in the country is a direct result of Duterte’s official and public order for state forces to disregard human rights in carrying out his security directives.

Duterte has repeatedly directed his security forces to kill and carry out attacks against suspected drug users, human rights advocates, peasants and minority peoples, unarmed social activists, lawyers, service-oriented religious groups, as well as media practitioners.

The grave abuses of human rights committed with impunity by Duterte’s military and police, as well as by state-attached paramilitary forces and death squads, must indeed be investigated, exposed and condemned. Duterte’s grave crimes and the Filipino people’s clamor for justice must be made known across the world.

CPP welcomes call for UNHRC investigation of killings and rights abuses under Duterte