Culture of killing inherent in Duterte’s fascist-terrorist reign


Simultaneous killings and mass arrests in Negros Island extremely alarms Negrosanons especially after Duterte himself gave Police Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido, current Bacolod City Police Office Deputy Director for Operations, his order to freely kill. AFP, PNP elements and other state forces are granted room to ordinarily kill and cause harm.

Anti-people policies, such as declaring a “state of violence” in Negros to justify Memorandum Order 32 and equating the people’s armed revolution for national liberation and democracy with terrorism through Executive Order 70, are bloodthirstily implemented destroying lives and livelihood of Negrosanons. Injustice remains overwhelming in Negros and the whole country under Duterte’s tyrannical rule.

In the desperation of the executioner and mercenary AFP and PNP to decimate armed struggle in the Island their typical victims are innocent civilians, activists, critics and even ordinary people targeted in systematic attacks and spate of killings resulting to an endless flow of blood in Negros and unbridled violations of human rights.

In fact, series of incidents happened here in Negros recently. Barely two weeks ago, 57 activists were arrested and victimized by planted evidences when the offices of Gabriela, Bayan Muna and the National Federation of Sugar Workers were raided. This was followed by the shooting of radio broadcaster Dindo Generoso in Dumaguete wherein primary suspects were traced back to police forces. The ambush of Jail Officer 1 Jayvee Jayson Vargas Bacolod City adds to the toll of worsening culture of killing in Negros.

The rottenness in the ranks of fascist state forces grows repugnant but duplicitous and toadyish officials in the AFP and PNP keep on covering it up over and over. This is evident in the increasing number of corrupt and criminal officials of the AFP and PNP, ninja cops and police scalawags, in the murder of cadets in the Philippine Military Academy and in the latest news regarding six troopers of the 79th IB in fits of temper, choking and hitting civilians while drunk in a bar at Cadiz City.

To the rank and file of the AFP and PNP who are still devoted to the broad oppressed masses and are sincere in serving the people, it is not too late to join the armed revolution in order to destroy the age-old and decaying semicolonial and semifeudal system in the country and expose the evil schemes and disintegration in the ranks of the murderous officials in the AFP and PNP.

Due to the continuing decline of the economy brought about by the worsening world crisis, it is but right for all revolutionary forces to intensify the national democratic revolution with the purpose of making Duterte and his clique accountable for the crimes they have committed against the broad people. Resist de facto martial law in the Island and the whole country! Shatter terror and Duterte’s tyrannical rule! Overthrow the puppet, traitor and executioner US-Duterte regime! ###

Culture of killing inherent in Duterte's fascist-terrorist reign