Declare the AFP, PNP and DENR Persona non grata

After suffering from casualties on the series of tactical offensives launched by the NPA against them in Bauko and Tadian, Mt. Province last March, 29, March 31 and April 2, the AFP and PNP are out on the media and public streaming massive psywar to deceive and terrorize the people.

The AFP and PNP’s unrelenting and abominable lies and smear campaign against the NPA are sprawled on the local and national dailies, on the radio, TV and internet. These are desperate steps in covering their ignominy and pulling back the people’s sympathy on their defeat and pacifying them of their revolutionary fight against national oppression and for their self-determination and democracy.

The PNP Provincial Director of Mt. Province boasts of having mobilized the LGUs and people of Tadian and Bauko last April 9 and 10 respectively to “peace” rallies condemning the NPA’s alleged atrocities and declaring them persona non grata or intruders. Look who’s talking!

Of who should be declared persona non grata are the AFP, PNP and DENR. They are the ones intruding on the national minorities’ ancestral territories, for these to be served to the greedy capitalist mining and enegy companies and big loggers. It is the AFP that invades and encamps within the communities and sows terror and deception on the people. Their claim of “traumatized communities” in Mt. Province following the NPA’s tactical offensives emanates from the the AFP and PNP’s unbridled brutality. They force civilians to surrender as rebels, restrict their free conduct on their daily routine, fabricate trumpedup charges against innocent civilians, block the entry of their food supplies, bomb their communities and mining portals, confiscate their chainsaws, boards and hunting weapons. After the clashes, the Phil Army and PNP harassed some people of Tadian and Bauko, malevolently accusing them as NPAs.

At the back of these, it was through the overwhelming support of the people of Mt. Province that the spate of punishments delivered by the NPA on the fascist troops were made successful. On March 29, March 31 and April 2, the NPA effectively frustrated the Phil Army and PNP’s combined combat operations to coerce the people of Mt. Province on stopping their small logging and small mining activities. They only fool the public in claiming that the people declared the NPA “persona non grata” when it is the NPA whom the people relies on their fight against the oppressive policies of the reactionary government that deny and rob them of their ancestral lands and trample on their right to self-determination.

In disseminating through the media malicious intrigues such as the NPA infects water sources in Tadian and Bauko, and burn forests, fascist police and military troops only pass their filth on the People’s Army. On their operations in different parts of Cordillera, it is the Phil Army that pollutes the water, litter their wastes, bomb and burn forests.The NPA strictly adheres to and implements medical ethics, health and sanitation discipline as well as environmental protection policies which they inculcate on the masses. PRO-Cor Director Israel Dickson’s press realease that the NPA scattered its medical wastes only muddle the truth that it is them who obtained fatalities and wounds during the said firefights.

The PRO-Cor, the Phil Army and the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) in Cordillera drive the people into their ignorance by harping false information that the NPA violated Rules of War and the International Humanitarian Law in using Improvised Explosive Devices, when the Command-Detonated Explosive Devices that the NPA use in battles are not prohibited by international rules of war and humanitarian laws. In spreading falsehoods that they have recovered explosive devices, NPA cellphones, and flagrantly showing the people alleged videos and pictures of the Red fighters, the fascist troops only sow deceit and shock.

As the May 2019 polls is nearing, the AFP is fabricating “terror stories” and ridiculous lies to justify their combat operations and presence in the areas where the ruling political parties are securing their positions in the reactionary government. This is pursuant to the US-Duterte Regime’s objective in controlling this election, and ensure that its candidates and political parties would still dominate for its neoliberal policies and dictatorial agenda to persist. The military and police’s allegation that the NPA is extorting money from politicians is just an excuse for their presence in communities to conduct red-tagging and villification campaign on progressive and pro-people candidates and partylists. The AFP and PNP are out to thwart the people’s democratic movement to fight for their national democratic agenda this May 2019 elections and are aiming to prevent the progressive and pro-people candidates and partylists to have seats in the Congress and Senate.

Through the National Task Force (NTF) To End Insurgency, the AFP and PNP in Cordillera weld the RPOC and the Local Government Units and other government offices in Cordillera in implementing the ambitious campaign of the US-Duterte Regime in wiping out the CPP-NPA and the revolutionary movement, including the legal democratic people’s movement. The NTF is targeting the leaders of legal democratic people’s organizations and branding these as communist fronts for them to be subjects of terror attacts.

The US-Duterte Regime and its AFP and PNP minions in Cordillera are delusional if they think that these dirty tactics and dastardly manuevers will cow the peoples’ struggle. On the contrary, these only fuel the peoples’ anger and push them all the more to the armed revolution.

The Igorot peoples’ history is ablaze with revolutionary indignation against national oppression and the reactionary armed force’ s efforts to extinguish it with open fascism and duplicity will surely fail.#

Declare the AFP, PNP and DENR Persona non grata