Declaring the CPP-NPA-NDF ‘persona non grata’ will not end the people’s armed revolution

DILG Secretary Eduardo Aňo and the AFP-PNP officials’ concerted exhortation of Local Government Units (LGUs) and communities to declare the CPP-NPA-NDF as “persona non grata” is nothing but a grand psywar scheme aimed to portray these revolutionary organizations as a “spent force desperately pursuing a lost cause”, “rapidly weakening”, and “losing the support of the masses”. This orchestrated zarzuela, along with the thousands of fake NPA surrenderers and the all out drive to demonize the CPP-NPA-NDF, are all part of the ‘whole-of-nation-approach’ of the US-Duterte regime’s Oplan Kapayapaan counter-insurgency program directed by a National Task Force (NTF) To End Communist Insurgency. In line with this, the AFP-PNP and DILG have exerted increased pressure on all LGUs in all different levels to actively cooperate and participate with the regime’s campaign to quell the people’s armed revolution. Thus, LGUs from the barangay to the provincial level are coerced to make resolutions declaring the CPP-NPA-NDF as “persona non grata” while requiring “all-out support” for the mercenary AFP-PNP, to hold “peace” rallies denouncing NPA “atrocities” and come up with “NPA surrenderers” from the civilian populace.

But no amount of forced declarations of persona non grata and so-called “peace” rallies can isolate the CPP-NPA-NDF from the people. No amount of black propaganda depicting these organizations as terrorists, ruthless murderers, extortionists, spoilers of peace and development, etc can weaken the people’s war. Furthermore, no amount of intensified coercion, intimidation, harassment and brutal violence will make the people cower in fear and turn their backs against the armed revolutionary movement.

Because throughout the fifty years of unwavering and steadfast commitment to serve the true interests of the people in advancing the people’s war, the CPP-NPA-NDF have taken deep roots among the peasant masses in the countryside and all other democratic sectors of society who have long been yearning for genuine societal change. The cadres and mass membership of these revolutionary organizations come from no other than the peasants and other oppressed and exploited people.

The fact that the CPP-NPA-NDF have persevered and continuously grown despite the incessant and ruthless counter-revolutionary and anti-people campaigns of suppression of an overwhelmingly much superior reactionary force, is an undeniable testimony that the national-democratic revolution will surely press forward until total victory. Without the people’s support and participation, the armed revolution would not have advanced and reached its current strength. And with the worsening political and economic conditions under the US-Duterte regime, an ever expanding rank of the masses are grasping the truth that they can only rely on their united struggles and their active involvement with the CPP-NPA-NDF in confronting a tyrant that perpetuates their suffering. More people are increasingly realizing and accepting the reality that only the armed national-democratic revolution will put an end to their perpetual destitution.

In the vast countryside, the NPA has built and nurtured solid links with the peasants. It conscientiously learns from them about their woes and problems, and assiduously works and struggles with them in dealing with and overcoming their oppressors and exploiters and in building their future.

In undertaking painstaking mass work, the NPA conducts extensive political education among the masses and helps them realize political empowerment through setting up of revolutionary mass organizations and revolutionary organs of political power and the utilization of their collective strength and militant struggles to resolve their economic and political problems. The people’s army motivates and assists the peasants in waging economic struggles that confront and resolve different forms of feudal exploitation in the hands of landlords and capitalists. Likewise, it supports the peasants and national minorities in their defense of agricultural and ancestral lands against the reactionary government, landlords, capitalists and other despotic land grabbers; and in protecting and nurturing the environment.

While engaging on their own agricultural production to support their needs, the NPA also participates in the masses’ farm work and other economic activities whenever the security situation permits. In times of calamities, the red fighters actively take part in relief and rehabilitation programs for the victims. NPA medics routinely conduct medical and dental missions and health campaigns that promote preventive medicine while training community health workers to sustain progressive health work among the people. In line with advancing a national, scientific and mass oriented culture, literacy campaigns are conducted wherever needed. The people’s army also actively promotes nationalist and pro-people culture through launching cultural programs and trainings and participating in cultural and sports activities of the masses.

The NPA implements revolutionary justice against criminals, vicious oppressors and violators of the people’s human rights. In its areas of operation, the NPA helps in promoting peace and order where sustained campaigns are pursued to eradicate crimes such as cattle-rustling, robbery and rape and anti-social acts such as gambling, alcoholism and use of illegal drugs. The people’s army also actively participates in resolving contradictions among the people such as land disputes among the peasants and tribal wars among the communities of national minorities. And whenever the red fighters immerse with the communities, they participate in day to day work such as gathering firewood and even ordinary household chores.

History has shown that the NPA has always been on the side of the people against their oppressors and exploiters. It has unfailingly proven itself to be a steadfast servant of the masses. Thus, ordinary people cherish the NPA because they have seen and experienced how the red fighters have defended them and fought with them for their class interests. They are aware that this is an organization whom they can solidly rely on. Consequently, they have long embraced the NPA as their rightful army. Truly, it is an army of their best sons and daughters.

So how then can the people declare an organization which they so cherish as persona non grata? Side by side with the people’s army, the vast mass base of the armed revolution has been tempered in decades of collective struggle against their class enemies. The widening and deepening support of the masses to the NPA and their active participation in the armed revolution has almost always kept the AFP-PNP blind and deaf to the real situation of the guerilla fighters during their combat operations, making them vulnerable to tactical offensives of the NPA. On the other hand, the AFP-PNP often vent their ire on the community people they accuse as NPAs or NPA supporters, thereby earning the people’s wrath. It is the AFP-PNP that is the real terrorist and on the losing course, not the CPP-NPA-NDF. ###

Declaring the CPP-NPA-NDF 'persona non grata' will not end the people's armed revolution