Denounce and Reject Traitors and Opportunists!


Atty. Marlon Bosantog, the erstwhile Regional Director of the Cordillera National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) resigned before November 15, 2021, the deadline for the substitution of candidates. He is now running for Congress as #2 nominee of the IPeace Epanaw Partylist.

Before his resignation, he heads the Cordillera NCIP FPIC Team and was instrumental in railroading the FPIC process that led to the approval of the destructive Gened mega-dams despite the deafening opposition by the Isnag of Kabugao.

The Isnag of Kabugao lodged four resolutions of non-consent against Gened 1 and Gened 2 mega-dams to the Office of the NCIP Regional Director from 2019 up to 2021 but all were overturned and declared non-binding. Every time a resolution of non-consent is submitted, the Pan Pacific Renewable Power Philippines Corporation (PPRPPC), the proponent company conspired with undesirable NCIP regional top officials led by Bosantog, provincial NCIP officials led and the Bulut political dynasty in the province of Apayao to devise malevolent counter maneuvers. Eventually a “Lutong Macaw” Memorandum of Agreement between the Pan Pacific Renewable Power Philippines Corporation, and bogus hand-picked pro-dam elders/leaders misrepresenting the Isnag of Kabugao was consummated disregarding altogether the Isnags’ rightful opposition.

Because of the traitorous acts of Atty. Bosantog, he was declared “Persona-Non-Grata” by the Isnag of Kabugao. His reprehensible act of selling out Isnag rights to Pan Pacific speaks well of his person as a mean opportunist that do not deserve the trust of national minorities much less misrepresent our interests in Congress if his partylist ever gets the needed votes to win a seat come 2022 elections. Then we ask, who provides his campaign coffers? Pointing to Pan Pacific is plain common sense. From unimpeachable sources, Pan Pacific Renewable Power Philippines Corporation (PPRPPC) rewarded him handsomely in the favors he rendered to the company. Can we trust people like Atty. Marlon Bosantog who is ever ready to sell his kakailian in the Cordillera to represent us in congress?

Denounce and Reject Traitors and Opportunists!