Denounce arrest of Moro women “potential suicide bombers”

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino and Moro people in condemning the unlawful mass arrest of nine Moro women in Patikul and Jolo towns in Sulu province on the utterly outrageous pretext that they are “potential suicide bombers.” Several of the arrested women were nursing their infant babies and had children in tow when they were taken in by military forces.

The arrests are attacks on democratic rights. The claim by the military that bombs and bomb-making material were discovered in the homes of the arrested women flies in the face of military and police standard operating procedure of planting evidence against supposed terror suspects. Observers are incredulous that the women would keep explosive materials in their homes with their children.

The attacks were clearly carried out with Islamophobic prejudice where people are stereotyped by the military as “suicide bombers” or in this case “potential.” The women were targeted for arrest and suppression by the AFP on the mere basis that they are wives, sisters or daughters of leaders of the Abu Sayaff.

We urge the Moro people to protest the Jolo arrests. These attacks will only become more brazen under the Anti-Terror Law.

Denounce arrest of Moro women "potential suicide bombers"