Denounce Biden for remote assassination in Afghanistan

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People around the world must denounce US President Biden for conducting an unlawful assassination by remote control against a supposed “terrorist” target in Kabul City, in brazen violation of the national sovereignty of Afghanistan, and in outright disregard of the international laws of war.

Together with the US Central Intelligence Agency, Biden himself oversaw the operation and pushed the kill button to launch Hellfire missiles from US military drones. Biden justifies the murder by identifying the target as “the most wanted terrorist” and describing the killing as an “act of justice.”

Biden could not cite any imminent threat posed by the target, and merely harped on accusations unproven in court. In carrying out the killing, Biden high-handedly acted as the judge and executioner.

The targeted killing was carried out on the territory of a non-belligerent country. By carrying out the assassination in Afghanistan, which US forces left in 2020 after two decades of failed occupation, Biden displayed utter contempt for the sovereignty of another nations.

Biden’s targeted killing is not much different from the killings personally ordered by Donald Trump, including the 2020 assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani while on Iraqi soil, as well as the numerous killings against civilians perpetrated by the US in different countries since Obama launched the use of armed drones.

Denounce Biden for remote assassination in Afghanistan