Intensified armed struggle will weaken any despotic rule Distrust and uprising loom over presumed Marcos win


For the Filipino people, the idea of another Marcos presidency is largely unimaginable. Yet, it must ultimately lead to another thought: That the needed change must be systemic and armed revolution is the only way towards it. The Cordillera People’s Democratic Front thus enjoins organized forces, of the region and elsewhere, to greet Bongbong Marcos’ presumed administration with a bigger and stronger people’s army in the countryside. Head farther up north and deeper into the peasant communities to reaffirm that there never truly was a Solid North. Instead, what lies ahead is the people’s determination to resist reactionary rule and govern themselves under a proletarian leadership.

For progressive and revolutionary individuals and groups, it is literally a fight for life itself. The regime of Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is most known for its summary executions, torture incidents, arbitrary arrests and illegal detentions. Similarly, it is a literal fight for survival for the rest of the impoverished masses. The insatiable Marcoses aggravated widespread poverty by emptying public coffers into their own secret accounts and using it to bankroll their immoral lifestyles. The national government accumulated such tremendous debts that the people are paying until today.

The spawn might thus take the presidency but he will never have the full confidence of the Filipino people. Even the polling system that delivered Marcos Jr. his supposed victory is mired with irregularities, from the dubious Commission on Elections allowing his candidacy up to the incredibly questionable ballot-counting. His family’s history, his own complicity and a disreputable election overshadows any triumph. Thus, an uprising against their family will always be looming over his rule.

This time, the people have the benefit of lessons from the civil disobedience of 1986. It must be recognized that FM’s overlords in the US provided his getaway vehicle to Hawaii. Their family escaped unscathed, even taking with them wealth and assets that belong to the country. They are the biggest daylight robbers in history and the US government facilitated their breakout. Meanwhile, Martial Law generals like Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos seemingly redeemed themselves when the Aquino camp compensated them with national positions in the new administration. This is their reward for turning against FM when the people’s uprising already has him backed into a corner. Like their superior, Enrile and Ramos were not held accountable for their crimes.

The presumed Marcos win is a result of both fraud and the campaign to revise history through systematic disinformation, something that has gone inadequately addressed over the years. It must be underscored that fact-checking becomes instinctive when the people are taught critical analysis. For starters, critical thought counters black propaganda vis-à-vis Red-tagging and vilification. It goes hand in hand with the right to express opinions and to participate in an action or organization sharing that opinion. It teaches the vast masses about the superiority of revolutionary change over reforms and the role of armed revolution to weaken the most despotic of regimes. It opens people’s minds towards alternative politics, even to the ideals of the Communist Party of Philippines.

A good many things has become uncertain for the Filipino people with a Marcos presidency in sight. But what is unquestionable is that the fight is far from over. It is an uphill battle but the revolutionary forces and the Filipino people have at its disposal various lessons to continue asserting economic and human rights, civil liberties and social justice. ###

Fetad! Resist a Marcos-Duterte regime!

Assert democratic and civil rights!

Advance the people’s war! Join the New People’s Army!

Distrust and uprising loom over presumed Marcos win