Duterte, AFP /PNP are cowards for retaliating against Negros civilians

The successive killing of seven civilians over the past two days in various parts of Negros island is the handiwork of the Duterte fascist regime and its military, police and paramilitary forces, including it’s henchmen in the RPA/ABB.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the people of Negros and the rest of the Filipino people in condemning the series of killings of the past few days. This forms part of the pattern of murder and suppression against peasants and human rights defenders since the imposition of Memorandum Order 32 and the PNP and AFP’s Oplan Kapanatagan and SEMPO and Sauron operations.

The CPP holds the Duterte regime responsible for the Negros murder frenzy. The killings are Duterte’s cowardly retaliation for the losses suffered by his police forces last July 14 in Ayungon town in Negros Oriental.

The series of killings follows Duterte’s histrionics and baseless claims of torture with the aim of inflaming his police and military forces and paramilitaries. Unable to hit against the NPA, Duterte’s armed minions have directed his wrath against civilians who the AFP have red tagged and accused of being sympathizers of the NPA.

As a cobelligerent of the Duterte regime in the ongoing civil war,  the CPP and NPA demands the Duterte regime to abide by the Geneva  Conventions and other international protocols and call on all of Duterte’s forces to stop targeting and killing civilians.

In response to the Duterte regime’s relentless killings and suppression in Negros and elsewhere, the Party directs the New People’s Army to mount and intensify its tactical offensives to punish the most abusive military and police forces and defend the people of Negros and the toiling masses across the country.

Duterte, AFP /PNP are cowards for retaliating against Negros civilians