Duterte and his death squads are cowards

The Cordillera People’s Democratic Front (CPDF) and the entire Cordillera people condemn to the highest degree the cold-blooded assassination of NDFP consultant Randy Felix Malayao. This dastardly act was committed in the wee hours of the morning of this date at Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya while Malayao was asleep inside a bus bound for Santiago, Isabela. The two hitmen immediately escaped on board a motorcycle.

Rodrigo Duterte, in his mad hallucination that he can crush the people’s national-democratic movement by demonic means, has unleashed a full-blown killing spree, targeting unarmed civilians and legitimate people’s leaders such as Malayao. The said cowardly act, executed by paid mercenaries of the reactionary state, is part of the regime’s dirty and treacherous “shock and awe” tactics to spread fear among the people in a desperate attempt to “crush” the revolutionary movement. It characterizes the viciousness of the regime’s all-out war against the national-democratic movement, which preys on civilians and the unarmed and unknowing victims such as Malayao. But the latest murder and other violent atrocities against the people and the revolutionary movement will never cow the people into silence and submission. Instead, it will only further fuel the flaming anger of the masses driving them to persevere in their struggle to oust the tyrannic Duterte regime. Surely, this all out war can never crush the people’s armed revolution.

We give our highest salute to Comrade Randy Malayao as a martyr of the people’s national-democratic movement. As an NDFP consultant, he actively and consistently propagated the revolutionary movement’s stand for a just and lasting peace in the Ilocos-Cordillera, Cagayan Valley and elsewhere in the country. He attended local peace consultations, such as those held in Tubo, Abra and Baguio City to explain the stand of the NDFP regarding the peace negotiations.

We can never expect any justice for Randy Malayao and the multitudes of victims of extra-judicial killng under the terrorist reign of the US-Duterte regime. The CPDF calls on the mass activists and leaders who are under threat by the reactionary state’s fascist elements to join the ranks of the New People’s Army and participate in the armed revolution. The guerilla fronts in the Cordillera region are ever ready to accommodate you. The people’s answer to the intensified state terrorism and repression is the intensification of the people’s war. And through its advancement, the people’s armed revolution swears to give justice to the victims of the US-Duterte Regime’s tyranny and fascism!


Justice for Randy Malayao!

Fight state terrorism and intensify the people’s armed revolution!








Duterte and his death squads are cowards