Duterte demonstrates how his terror law will be used and abused

In an early morning television broadcast, Duterte demonstrated how his new terror law will be used and abused. Addressing the revolutionary forces, Duterte insisted that the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is a terrorist organization simply because he had declared so.

This is how Duterte’s new terror law is bound to be used and abused. He insists that on his mere say-so, or those of the anticommunist fascist zealots who will compose the Anti-Terror Council, anyone or any act can be whimsically declared as terrorist.

The arbitrariness with which Duterte made the declaration last night is a prelude to how his terror law will likely be used against his critics. He made it without citing facts. This is not much different from his 2017 declaration when he declared the CPP and NPA as “designated terrorist organizations.” Anyone reading the proclamation can easily conclude that it was issued without serious study or evaluation of facts.

The only basis that the proclamation cites is the inclusion of the CPP and NPA in the 2002 US listing of “Foreign Terrorist Organizations” which the US has used to justify its arms sales and military intervention in counterinsurgency operations in the Philippines and other countries.

In truth, the 2017 proclamation was issued to justify the termination of peace negotiations with the NDFP and win favors from US President Trump. It was issued shortly after the US State Department initiated the Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines, the US “anti-terrorist operation” based in Western Mindanao. The proclamation further raises the question: Does the US know better than the Philippine government to declare a Philippine-
based entity as “terrorist?”

As organizations advancing the interests of the oppressed and exploited, deeply rooted among the masses and guided by revolutionary principles, the Party and the NPA are far from being terrorists.

The CPP and NPA are not included in the terrorist list of the United Nations Security Council.

Duterte demonstrates how his terror law will be used and abused