Duterte does not want peace as he continues to tread the dark path of fascism

Duterte’s declaration that the peace talks is dead makes it clear that Duterte is treading the dark path of fascism. It is therefore just to intensify the struggle for national liberation and democracy through the armed revolution.

Duterte has shown his true colors and proves that he is not for peace. He has never been interested in the peace process. In fact, he tried in vain to use the talks in order to seek capitulation from the revolutionary movement. Even without ceasefire declarations, the GRP and the NDF can resume peace negotiations. But Duterte chooses to listen to his favored generals and to use all the resources and machinery of the reactionary government in order to continue his all out war against the people.

The top dogs in the AFP only want war as it is the only that they can corrupt funds while making foot soldiers their pawns in the battlefield. The bloodthirsty and trigger-happy fascist troops of the AFP do not abide their own ceasefire declarations. After the ceasefire declaration last March-April, massive and more frequent combat military operations were observed in all guerrilla fronts in Negros which resulted to three defensive actions in April.

Despite the ceasefire declarations, troops of the 94th IB continuously conducted combat operations in the hinterlands of Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental which resulted to a defensive action in Barangay Carabalan last April 19. Another defensive action was when elements of the 79th Infantry Batallion raided a unit of Roselyn Jean Pelle Command in Barangay Gawahon, Victorias City, Negros Occidental. The third was a raid by the 94th IB in Barangay Camudlas, Bindoy, Negros Oriental on April 30. The ceasefire declaration by the CPP-NPA-NDF was still in effect during the defensive action in Bindoy while the GRP ceasefire was no longer in effect.

NDF – Negros recorded military presence and combat operations in 29 barangays across 5 cities and 5 municipalities in Negros Island during the ceasefire declaration last March 26 – April 30. The Duterte regime has only used and abused the pandemic to bleed dry the nation’s coffers and further aggravate the plight of the broad masses.

Duterte and his generals are dreaming that they can quell the growing revolutionary movement by brute force while completely disregarding the socioeconomic and political roots of the armed conflict. The possible way to resume the peace negotiations is by removing Duterte from power. The collective strength of the Filipino people will make Duterte accountable for his criminal negligence in the face of Covid19 pandemic and calamities and for his numerous crimes against the people. The people will intensify their armed resistance and advance the people’s war to victory! ###

Duterte does not want peace as he continues to tread the dark path of fascism