Duterte is a US foreign aggression tool for condemning North Korea

Duterte has become a tool for US foreign aggression when he denounced North Korea for developing its nuclear weapons capability. He is echoing the line of the US imperialists demanding North Korea to stop testing its intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellite-launching rockets to deny it the capability to defend itself and deter US military aggression.

It is Duterte who looks like a clown when he, with his limited vocabulary of cuss words, called North Korea’s Kim Jong Un a “fool” for ardently defending their country’s sovereignty against the US imperialists. For all his bluster, Duterte, the strongman that he is, has no such balls for defending Philippine sovereignty. He has revealed himself a pseudo-patriot who has now fully embraced his fellow buffoon Trump.

After having killed thousands of Filipinos in his wars of mass murder and destruction, Duterte has no right to condemn Kim Jong Un a “maniac”. Unlike Kim’s government which has provided all out support to scientific and technological development to modernize North Korean society, the Philippine government under Duterte is perpetuating the country’s state of non-industrial and agrarian backwardness.

The Party joins the North Korean people in condemning US threats of invasion against their country. American naval warships have been surrounding North Korea challenging its territorial waters. A few days ago, the US flew B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula.

The US government, which controls 6,970 warheads, second only to Russia’s 7,300. has no right to tell the North Korean, which has less than 15 warheads, to stop developing nuclear weapons.

The Party fully supports the right of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to develop its weapons system, including nuclear weapons, ICBMs and anti-drone technology, as a deterrent against US military aggression. The DPRK’s nuclear weapons and capability at striking back is its only assurance against suffering the same fate as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and other countries which became victims of US aggression and transformed into US colonial wastelands.

Duterte is a US foreign aggression tool for condemning North Korea