Duterte is so Afraid of the People

NDF-Panay and all revolutionary forces in the region vehemently condemn the traitorous maneuver of the fascist Duterte regime in passing the Anti-Terror Bill.

The terror bill as called by netizens may be the topping to Duterteís stockpile of cruel antipeople laws and policies. For four years since his reign of terror he has been piling up brutal and draconian measures against the people. His dictatorial rule has affected almost every individual in this country ñ economically, politically, socially and even psychologically ñ except for his family, cronies, the mercenary AFP and PNP and his boot-licking sycophants in the state apparatus.

It is so very obvious that this big landlord, big bourgeois tyrant holds the vast majority of the Filipino people in contempt, loathes and hates them to the point of murdering more than 30,000 people mostly from the lower classes in his fake war on drugs, killing hundreds of peasants, workers, students and urban poor activists, silencing lawyers, priests and media workers either tru threats or by the gun, and displacing thousands from lumad communities to Marawi.

The most recent and most brutal is his lockdown of the whole country in the name of a magnified flu virus by controlling the entire population, imprisoning people in their homes which are mostly shanties, forbidding them to go out to work or earn a living, degrading more than 20 million people into forced helpnessness and hunger and ordering the military and police to shoot them dead if they complain, demand their rights and protest against his restrictions and impositions. More than a hundred thousand have been arrested, hundreds have been shamed, physically and mentally abused and not a few have been murdered in the name of ëCOVID-19í.

The railroading of the Anti-Terror Bill by the lower House last May 29 shows the traitorous nature of the ruling class, passing an obnoxious bill while the whole nation is in havoc due to the military lockdown imposed on the people, justified by a much-bloated threat of an ëincurableí virus. Duterte has ordered the terror bill as urgent. Once passed, he would not need to declare martial law since the Terror bill would legalize the curtailment of our basic rights and disregard the due process of law thru warrantless arrest and arbitrary and prolonged detention without charge for 14-24 days. Impunity would be legalized since the arresting personnel could not be answerable for illegal arrest, planting of evidence or false charges.

Anyone could be considered a terrorist or terrorist supporter according to the caprice of the state and be subject to surveillance, wire tapping, arrest, detention and imprisonment. Not to mention torture and murder by his bounty hunters from the fascist military and police.

His incompetent, bungling, dull-brained yet militaristic handling of the covid-19 crisis has exposed his criminal negligence, his contempt for the common tao, the ineptness of his military junta IATF and most of all his lust and greed for absolute power. Everyday the peopleís anger mounts, his isolation worsens and the #OustDuterteNow has gone viral for the second time in a span of two months.

He thinks that by officially declaring martial law would quicken his ouster. So he has resorted to legalize his terrorist rule by another name, not martial law but the terror law. He and his military junta think that the terror law would silence the people, put a stop to protest actions, speeches or writings from democratic and progressive groups and individuals or cower netizens from condemning and sucking him and his minions.

Duterte is so afraid of the people. And he has reason to be. The more he sows terror, the more the people will unite and fight him. We must fight him with all forms of struggle, take up arms against him and join the New Peopleís Army. Let us make the next #OustDuterteNow a reality.

Duterte is so Afraid of the People