Duterte must answer to people for his secret trip

Last night, Duterte attempted in vain to quash widespread talk about his secret trip to Singapore using his favorite luxurious private jet. He explained things in his usual drunken and callous self, speaking in broken sentences and slurs which clarified nothing and only confounded and confused those who listened. He succeeded only in stoking greater indignation and more speculations as to where he went and why.

While he dismissed speculations of him going to Singapore for a medical checkup, he did not actually deny going on a trip. He insisted he has the right to do so, to fly in and out, travel anywhere and anytime he wants. “Wala kayong pakialam kung gusto kong pumunta. If I want to go to Singapore, I will go to Singapore,” he prated.

Duterte’s assertion of his right to travel anywhere and anytime contemptuously ignored the travel restrictions which he and his quarantine generals have harshly imposed in the name of pandemic control. His insistence on his right is so callous and contemptuous of the untold hardships of the people under his regime’s travel restrictions.

In the middle of his babbling, Duterte also asserted that he is under no obligation to tell the people of his private affairs as he claims is not using government funds. This is outrightly incorrect and a brazen attempt to fool the people.

As Philippine president, he is obliged to answer to the Filipino people, whether he uses government funds or not. Besides, who can say that he is using private money when he has lined his pockets with billions in discretionary funds. As highest state official, he is under obligation to reveal his activities and spending, whether he spent public money, his own money or whether he received personal favors from his so-called friends.

The people must not permit Duterte to hide behind the cloak of privacy to conceal his secret affairs which is usually the realm of corruption, crime and treachery.

Duterte must answer to people for his secret trip