Duterte wants PCSO corruption for himself

Duterte ordered the closure of PCSO in complete disregard for the welfare of thousands of PCSO employees as well the tens of thousands of beneficiaries who daily line up for medical subsidies.

For the nth time, Duterte, is using anti-corruption rhetoric as smokescreen for corruption. Without even a formal written order, he directed his police to close the operations of the PCSO is his latest bid to monopolize government corruption.

Duterte again exercised tyrannical powers. Invoking information only he knows, he removed the PCSO officials extrajudicially and arbitrarily without actually charging them in court. People are raising questions: does he really have the power to do so?

The people are questioning Duterte’s real motives. They are demanding proof of his so-called anti-corruption. And they are demanding accountability. Or will Duterte just let them pass through the revolving door as he has in the past?

The fact is, Duterte’s real aim is to wrest complete control of the operations of the corruption syndicates in the PCSO, as he did with the Bureau of Customs and other agencies. He is unsatisfied with the cuts he has been getting in the past. He is insatiable.

Duterte wants PCSO corruption for himself