Duterte’s Amnesty Proclamation: A plea for massive surrender and consent to the criminalization of democratic rights

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What power does a dictator have to forgive a person who has not even committed a crime? This is the people’s cry after Duterte issued a series of amnesty proclamations for those he considers enemies, including the CPP-NPA-NDFP, MNLF and reactionary RPB-ABB.

In order to be blessed with benefits and amnesty, an individual must admit to his or her crimes and pledge loyalty to the reactionary government. This is equivalent to the criminalization and surrender of democratic, sovereign and justifiable right of the people to take up arms and fight against a government that has gravely abused its power and used it against the people.

Everyone knows that the proclamation is Duterte’s last attempt to achieve his target of defeating the revolutionary movement before his term ends. The CPP-NPA-NDFP and the struggling masses have long refused the GPH’s demand to lay down arms before resuming with the peace talks. Frustrated in its attempt to ensnare the revolutionary movement in this attempt, here comes Duterte and his pointless maneuvers. He is pleading with the people to turn their backs against the armed struggle and pledge loyalty to the fascist and oppressive state.

Similar to the earlier scheme of campaigning for localized peace talks, the implementation of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), the creation of NTF-ELCAC and other vile methods of pacification and capitulation, the amnesty proclamation is a manifestation of the fascist regime’s growing fear of an expanding movement against dictatorship and a strengthening armed revolution all set to frustrate one dictatorial regime after another and topple the present rotten and oppressive system.

Nothing can be expected from a fascist beast. How else can the oppressed and exploited masses protect themselves from mercenary armies and constant attacks of fascist regimes but by taking up arms? RJC-NPA Bikol calls on the people, more so Bikolanos, to join and further strengthen the armed revolution.

Deceiving and false promises and proclamations cannot suppress or cripple rebellions, uprisings and liberation movements. These mushroom whenever and wherever oppression and exploitation exist and intensify. These grow and gain foothold, not because of fear or fanaticism, but because of truly representing the masses’ interests. And these will persist as long as the root causes of poverty and destitution prevail.

Duterte’s Amnesty Proclamation: A plea for massive surrender and consent to the criminalization of democratic rights