Duterte’s corruption and crimes will spell his doom

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Over the past two weeks, the Filipino people have been seething with outrage in the face of the left, right and center exposés of large-scale corruption and anomalies of Duterte and his close officials. The recently released reports of the Commission on Audit details these anomalies. Senate hearings over the past few days reveal additional information that corruption under the Duterte regime is directed from Malacañang itself.

It is becoming clear that Duterte himself is behind the plunder of not less than ₱42 billion in people’s money amid the pandemic. The involvement of his closest underling Sen. Bong Go, former budget undersecretary Lloyd Christopher Lao (the underling’s underling), and his so-called economic adviser Michael Yang in the overpriced face mask and face shield deal with the Chinese small startup company Pharmally is one of the starkest evidence. The 2017 video showing Pharmally officials meeting up with Duterte in Davao City show clear corruption links. Surely, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

More and more cases are bound to surface. Everyone who has any knowledge of Duterte’s crimes and corruption and who has an iota of sympathy for the Filipino people’s plight must come forward and reveal what they know. Indeed, workers, peasants and the toiling masses, rank and file private and public employees, the youth, women, even ordinary soldiers and police officers, demand all the truth

Hidden behind his shock and awe tactics are Duterte’s biggest crimes and corruption. Under the Covid-19 lockdown and declaration of national emergency, Duterte claimed extraordinary powers which gave him, his officials and favored Chinese companies government-funded deals amounting to hundreds of billions of pesos in overpriced equipment and other purchases.

It is now also clear, that the “Boracay clean-up” is one big smokescreen to grab the land and drive away local residents and force small local tourist operators out of business, to favor a big Chinese casino operator who wants to have exclusive control of the island. It is apparent that Xi Jinping, himself, through a recent phone call with Duterte, demanded fulfillment of Duterte’s promise to allow the construction of the Boracay casino. This is in tandem with Paolo Duterte’s Boracay Island Development Authority (BIDA) bill in congress that will place Boracay under Duterte’s full control.

Big Chinese companies are deeply involved in Duterte’s corruption. Without a doubt, Duterte and his officials are involved in the acceptance of large-scale bribes from these Chinese government-endorsed companies. One only needs to recall how Gloria Arroyo and her minions are believed to have received billions upon billions of pesos of bribe money from the ₱16.45 billion NBN-ZTE deal in 2007 to imagine the scale of Duterte’s corruption in collusion with his Chinese masters.

The large amounts being pocketed by Duterte and his minions comprise one of their biggest motive for their scheme to remain in power beyond 2022. However, Duterte’s corruption and criminal activities will ultimately also spell his doom as the Filipino people are outraged at how the big bureaucrat capitalists continue to aggrandize wealth and power while millions suffer from death and hunger.

Duterte’s corruption and crimes will spell his doom