Duterte’s Hongkong shopping shows cruel indifference to people’s plight

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino people in denouncing President Duterte for his callous show of affluence by going on a private Hongkong weekend shopping spree with his mistress and youngest daughter.

Duterte showed cruel indifference to the millions upon millions of Filipinos who are suffering from skyrocketing prices of rice and fuel, low wages, widespread joblessness and general deterioration of social conditions.

With not enough money to spend for their food, transportation, electricity and other basic expenses, the workers, peasants and other toiling sectors demand Duterte to reveal how much he spent for traveling and shopping?

Amid destitution of millions upon millions of Filipinos, Duterte’s Hongkong shopping-spree was a vomit-inducing and rage-provoking show of extravagance. He has self-demolished his pro-poor façade.

He further inflamed the people’s desire for his removal from power. Compared to Duterte’s Hongkong shopping, the AFP’s “Red October” fairytale of a “CPP conspiracy” is a flop in terms of destabilizing his regime.

Duterte's Hongkong shopping shows cruel indifference to people's plight