Duterte’s military are heartless mercenaries, killers of 78 years old Tatay Bodoy, father of Ka Edroy

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The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) condemn, in the strongest terms, the merciless killing of the elderly 78 year old Rolando “Tatay Bodoy” Patiño Leyson, Sr. He was killed for the sole reason that he was the father of Ka Edroy, a known NPA leader in Surigao del Norte-NEMR. This is Duterte’s military and police: heartless mercenaries, killing even defenseless elderly and children.

Tatay Bodoy was summarily executed by 5 bonnet-wearing armed men who forcibly entered his home in Km. 20, San Pedro, Sison, Surigao del Norte at around 11:30 in the evening of September 11, 2020. The old man was sleeping beside his grandchild who did not wake up when shots were fired, because the killers used silencers on their firearms. Tatay Bodoy was shot several times, three hitting him in the head. Bullets and bullet casings recovered were from M16 and .9mm firearms. The killers were seen boarding a black Toyota Fortuner SUV and going towards Butuan City.

NDFP-NEMR, directly accuses the PNP-Surigao del Norte, 901st Bde and the 29th IBPA, because only they have the capability and desire to commit such vile act against ordinary civilians, in the midst of the CoViD-19 pandemic. Only state agents and their cohorts can travel in the middle of the night, by the highway, in a private luxury vehicle and carrying high powered firearms, without being flagged down in the various check points, with curfews imposed all over the province.

Last September 8 at around 5 in the afternoon, two bonnet wearing armed men also shot and killed Jojie Udtohan Gayoso, motorcycle driver who oftentimes work for and was trusted by Tatay Bodoy, in his home in Km. 19, Brgy. San Pedro, Sison.

We believe that the killing of Jojie and Tatay Bodoy were done in connection to the death of PSSgt. Restie Dandan, intelligence officer of the PNP, a legitimate military target of the NPA, in Sison last August. PSSgt. Dandan was close to the current mayor of Sison, especially her husband who has been alleged as involved in drugs. There has been reports that after the death of PSSgt. Dandan, the mayor threatened to “massacre” the family of Ka Edroy and supporters of the NPA, allegedly saying they will be next during the prayer rally and funeral service for PSSgt Dandan.

Days prior to the killings of Tatay Bodoy and Jojie, the Municipal Police Station of Sison posted a 5.1million reward for the capture of Ka Edroy.

Several military men and police are being deployed at the wake of Tatay Bodoy, harassing the family, relatives and friends even at the moment of their grieving.

Justice for the killing of Tatay Budoy!

Duterte's military are heartless mercenaries, killers of 78 years old Tatay Bodoy, father of Ka Edroy