Duterte’s military officers earn rewards twice: for listing surrenderers and then killing them

Duterte’s AFP military officers order LGU officials, especially at the barangay level, to list down relatives and friends of suspected CPP and NPA personnel under the guise of carrying out “localized peace negotiations.”

Those listed are herded by the military and made to appear as surrenderers. The military officers pocket for themselves the reward money for the fake surrenders and even the E-CLIP funds supposedly for the surrenderers.

Next is far worse. The military officers pick out from the list of surrenders those whom they kill in order to collect further the bigger reward money for NPA casualties in fake encounters. Thus, they collect rewards twice at the expense of the same victims.

This brutal military racket is similar to the Oplan Tokhang of the PNP in the fake war on drugs. The police order the baranggay officials to list down suspected drug addicts and peddlers supposedly for rehabilitation.

Then, those listed as drug suspects are made to appear as drug surrenderers so that the police officers get the bigger reward money for the surrender. Then, the police officers can kill at will the drug surrenderers in order to collect the bigger reward money for the murder of the “nanlaban” (those drug suspects claimed as resister to arrest.

Duterte himself has publicly boasted that he has the loyalty of military and police officers because he feeds them with money. The criminality and corruption of the military and police and the culture of violence and impunity for the benefit of the tyrant and his running dogs must come to an end.

After the enactment of the so-called Anti-Terrorism Law, the brutal and corrupt Duterte regime has gained further license to ignore the basic democratic right to due process, red-tag and order the murder of democratic mass leaders, social activists, human rights defenders, peace advocates and the critics and opposition to the regime.

The current drive of Duterte to impose a fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people in order to preserve the dominance of foreign monopoly capitalism and the ruling system of big compradors, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists is generating excellent conditions for the strengthening and advance of the people’s democratic revolution through people’s war.###

Duterte's military officers earn rewards twice: for listing surrenderers and then killing them