EDSA Uprising @ 36: Protest against Marcos-Duterte restoration in power!


As the EDSA Uprising commemoration nears, it is becoming ever more urgent and imperative for democratic masses and youth to mobilize against the Marcoses’ restoration in power and the Duterte faction’s bid to resucitate and continue its tyranny.

Kabataang Makabayan is one with the masses in taking the streets on February 25 to protest against and remember in vigilance the plunder, corruption, and killings of the Marcos Dictatorship.

The people will not let Duterte, Marcos Jr., or any one of their cohorts prolong the masses’ agony by aggravating the fragile political and economic conditions in the country and plunging the people into deeper turmoil and crisis.

This election season, it is the revolutionary youth’s responsibility to be extra watchful against politicians who wish to undermine the people’s democracy.

We must be at the forefront of exposing their fraudulent schemes, questioning their dubious intentions, and resisting their attempts to silence the masses.

Most of all, we must lead all democratic and patriotic youth to embrace the path of the armed struggle as the only solution to the hardships and woes of the Filipino people.

The country is clamoring for genuine change – change that will not come from the greedy, corrupt, and powerful few; change that can only be brought about by the people’s democratic revolution!

Mobilize the youth to join Kabataang Makabayan!
Fight against dictatorship!
Join the New People’s Army!

EDSA Uprising @ 36: Protest against Marcos-Duterte restoration in power!