End the brutal bombings in the Mindoro countryside


We condemn in the highest possible term the dastardly and indiscriminate bombing/shelling by the 203rd Brigade-Philippine Army, of the Mangyan villages in the mountainous areas of barangays San Vicente, Roxas and Brgy Panaytayan, Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro.

The vicious rampage of state forces and indiscriminate shelling of these villages is the response of the fascist forces to an encounter between them and a unit of Lucio De Guzman Command –NPA- Mindoro on 25 March whereby the Philippine Army unit sustained a casualty of 5 killed in action and 3 wounded with no casualty on the side of the NPAs. The latter safely maneuvered to elude the army units after the encounter.

That same day and the whole day after, a total of 11 howitzer bombs were dropped on the farms and communities of Mangyans living in the area bounding the towns of Mansalay and Roxas where the ethnolinguistic groups Hanunuo and Buhid of the Mangyans are residing. Approximately 200 families are affected by the shelling. The people have been forced to leave their communities and are now considered as internal refugees and displaced persons. A significant number of refugees have made temporary shelter in Sitio Tagaskan of Brgy San Vicente, Roxas Oriental Mindoro.

The real intent of the AFP in bombing interior Mangyan communities is to sow fear among the Mangyans and dissuade them from supporting the revolutionary movement. But in so doing, they are dragging civilians as collaterals in this bloody war of the Duterte regime against the revolutionary forces.

This practice of the Duterte regime in making no distinction between the unarmed civilians and the combat forces of the CPP-NPA is a blatant violation of the international humanitarian law, protocols of the Geneva Convention and the CARHRIHL (Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law). The GRP is party and signatory to these agreements.

We enjoin all peace and freedom loving Mindoreños and the Filipino people to condemn the human rights abuses of this regime and to make it account for its war crimes and genocide against the Mangyans and peasants in the countrysides of Mindoro.

We also call on the local government units in the two provinces of Mindoro, members of the clergy and the churches of all denominations, all respectable members of the professional community and the business sector to support the just struggle of the peasants, fisherfolks, and indigenous people of Mindoro for their welfare and democratic rights.

We demand an end to the bombing spree that this regime has cast upon the peace loving Mindorenos and especially on the Mangyans. The funds allocated to these instruments of death are better spent on the basic needs for food, medicine, shelter and education of the Filipino people.

Let us join hands in fighting the US-Duterte regime and put an end to his tyrannical, anti-poor and pro-imperialist rule. To topple it down now is just. The only way to achieve genuine peace and prosperity for all is to bring the national democratic revolution to victory and establish the democratic people’s government.###

End the brutal bombings in the Mindoro countryside