Marcoses well-versed in whitewashing and evading accountability Expect more lies under Marcos-Duterte regime

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If there is any indication that the so-called Solid North is a myth, it is that the people of Cordillera has a tribal culture that is deeply rooted in common welfare which ensures that its members are kept trustworthy and responsible for one’s own mistakes. It thus gives utmost importance to truth and historical accuracy, abhors lies and would consistently seek accountability and justice. Bongbong Marcos Jr. and company, therefore, would not be at home here. Accordingly, the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front (CPDF) enjoins all the tribes and clans of the Cordillera to stand guard against further whitewashing and deception by recognizing the Marcos family for what they are: the greediest of thieves and the most vicious of fascists.

This family’s penchant for historical distortion and disinformation brings to mind known war criminal Joseph Goebbels. As Adolf Hitler’s main propaganda officer, Goebbels believed that repeatedly telling a lie eventually makes it true. Centuries later and several countries away, the Marcos camp would employ the very same tactic to secure the highest position in the land despite a background tarnished with gross human rights violations in the name of unprecedented corruption and shameless extravagance.

Yet, most alarming now is that as Bongbong Marcos occupies that much coveted reactionary presidential office, the Marcoses will certainly utilize Goebbels’ tenet like never before. They will need to maintain the lies to ward off criticism, opposition or resistance. Holding on to power, especially beyond the constitutional six-year term, means they cannot blow their cover now.

Not surprisingly, Bongbong has already decided that Sara Duterte should head the Department of Education, through which all falsehoods can be more smoothly and efficiently forced upon the people, beginning with the youth. This actually plays well with her desire to impose mandatory military training, as she has previously expressed

Bongbong is no stranger to whitewashing campaigns. Before his family committed their crimes against the Filipino people, his own grandfather Mariano already committed treason against the people of Ilocos by collaborating with Japanese soldiers. He eventually met justice in the hands of local guerrillas. When the Marcos family gained provincial prominence in local politics, Mariano’s records were glossed over by naming roads, bridges and schools after him.

Thus, with all the money, time and effort that the Marcoses spend in sanitizing their image, it becomes even more apparent that the presumed Marcos II presidency will be business-as-usual of corruption and violence, but with a vehemence borne out of the delusion that their family can get away with anything. But the Filipino people will prove them wrong. Their family has been overthrown before and right there and then, an important historical feat achieved by the people. They can expect the same vigilance by the masses as the lot who learn the right lessons from history and act accordingly. ###

Reject Marcos-Duterte tyranny and deception! Ensure historical accuracy!

Strengthen the national democratic ranks and advance the people’s war!

Kaigorotan, kumameng iti New People’s Army!

Expect more lies under Marcos-Duterte regime