Expose and condemn the US-Duterte’s underhanded tactics against the people!

The New People’s Army – North Central Mindanao Region vehemently condemns the recent case of illegal detention of Jackilyn Elaco last January 18, 2019. Elaco is currently at the 1st Special Forces camp in Brgy. Mampayag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Her detention is the bait to reel in bigger fish of the NPA. Elaco was on medical leave due to leukemia and was seeking treatment in the city.

It is clear that Elaco is hors de combat as per stated in the Geneva Conventions of 1949. In its categorization, in Article 41, Sec. 2, (c). Elaco is incapacitated by leukemia, and therefore is incapable of defending herself. Hereon, she should be recognized as one and should not be made the object of attack. The state once again perpetrated a grave breach of this protocol for they committed it willfully.

Furthermore, there is no reason for the AFP to hold Elaco against her will. They have gone through strenuous measures to ensure that she and her family remain silent and not to seek legal help from human rights groups or even the Commission on Human Rights. The family is pressured to give in to the demands of the AFP because of their promise of her release after three days, but more days after, her situation remains the same. Upon arrest, she should have been presented with documents pertaining to her “offenses” and face trial. But the AFP left her no choice but to comply with their twisted accusations.

The desperate AFP plans to use Elaco’s case as one of their victories in convincing the NPA to surrender to the Duterte government. They continue to pressure her and her family so they could highlight her so-called “surrender” and hide their fake lists of mass surrenders with repeat surrenderees and corruption-filled scam livelihood programs for rebel returnees. While Duterte and his lackeys continue to pursue the ever growing armed revolution in the countryside, they fail to provide genuine solutions to problems which cause people to take up arms in the first place. Duterte continues to be subservient to his foreign masters at the expense of the people’s rights.

Elaco’s case is not the first of its kind. With Duterte installing military lapdogs in government agencies under the whole-of-nation approach, Elaco’s situation serves as a precedent for other victims of illegal arrests and forced surrenders, especially if no action is taken. It must be exposed that Duterte and the AFP’s pretention of providing aid and livelihood for returnees is just another dirty tactic to end the revolutionary movement. Even with the National Task Force to End Communist Insurgency, these deceptive schemes will never fool the revolutionary forces and the masses and will only push them against the reactionary regime.

Under the International Humanitarian Law, even state-labeled ‘terrorists’ are ensured of their civil rights and liberties.

The situation now remains fertile for revolutionary forces. As the reactionaries continue to save their faces from failed military operations, rendered ineffective military weaponry and equipment, and other big-budgeted schemes to counter the revolutionary mass movement, its effect is opposite. The people who have been under imperialist rule for decades are now seeking refuge with the New People’s Army. As the state continues to deprive them of their basic rights, the Red army continues to provide safety and a socialist society which can be achieved by joining the armed revolution. The doors of the countryside are never closed for the people who are victims of the fascist regime’s underhanded and dirty tactics.

Expose and condemn the US-Duterte's underhanded tactics against the people!