Fake encounters, fake surrenders, and more: The AFP’s corrupt and brutal sham in Negros Island

Last August 14, 2020, in Brgy. Sandayao, Guihulngan City, the AFP once again fabricated an encounter on what in reality were just innocent, unarmed civilians- leaving 1 tortured, amputated and killed, with 3 minors arrested and detained in a military detachment whom they later claimed that they ‘rescued’.

In the same Barangay hours after, they were ambushed by red fighters, with them claiming only 2 wounded-in-action when in reality, there were at least 10 soldiers killed-in-action. They then rushed to call for reinforcements in a helicopter to secretly transport their casualties.

These false narratives are not new to the AFP, nor is it surprising. Since the implementation of MO 32 (additional deployment of troops in Negros Island) and EO 70 (establishment of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict), the AFP have piled lie after lie to justify their militarization in the countrysides.

Through their fake encounters along with illegal arrests and extrajudicial killings, the AFP claim to have neutralized guerilla fronts and use this as a stepping stone to vie for higher ranks and bigger loot, much as what happened to Arevalo, Sinas, and Clement. They spill innocent blood to forward their own selfish interests and gain more from the money of the people.

It is ironic to note that in legitimate encounters, it is also the AFP’s practice to hide the true number of their casualties. They rush military helicopters in encounter sites, banning civilians and media from entering to cover-up the aftermath of tactical offensives conducted by the NPA in Negros. This would later on result to trauma and disgust among their rank-and-file troops and CAFGU elements, where they realize that they are but cannon fodder to the unjust and bloody war launched by their higher-ups, enticing them to join the revolution as well.

Additionally, their fake and enforced surrenders have become their cash cow. As recently stated in Bayawan, on the supposed 2 million pesos allotted for ‘surrenderees’, only Php400 thousand was distributed. This is a common story in their Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP), threatening and harassing civilians to pose as NPA rebels to pocket millions from taxpayer money. Thousands of their fake surrenders have amounted to millions in corrupted funds.

Just weeks before, 3rd ID commander Vinoya bragged on how the revolutionary movement is ‘looming to fall’ in the island, but incidents like the one in Sandayao would render their claims as lies. Since 2018, there have been at least 4 fake encounters all over the island, thousands of fake and enforced surrenderees peddling their fake community support and local integration programs basked in corruption of AFP superiors. Yet, the NPA still stands strong in 5 guerilla fronts in the island.

The AFP’s fraudulent acts to try and save face have instead exposed them to what they truly are: a mercenary troop and reflection of their Commander-in-Chief Duterte, proclaiming populist claims coated with false hopes, eager to make use of public funds and killing anyone who dare oppose them. Their violence however, is met with the strengthening of the ranks of the New People’s Army as more are enthralled to take up arms to demand justice.

The people’s call for Duterte’s resignation is now resounding. The true army of the people, the NPA is fighting along with the masses in the forefront to remove the dictator from power and demand justice from all the innocent lives that have been taken in the regime.

NPA-Negros will intensify its tactical offensives in the island. Guided by the Communist Party of the Philippines and enjoying the support of the revolutionary masses, the armed struggle will only gain even more ground as Duterte and his mercenary henchmen waddle in corruption and continue their deceit, imposing anti-people policies and commit human rights violations.

Long live the CPP-NPA-NDF!

Long live the revolution!

Fake encounters, fake surrenders, and more: The AFP’s corrupt and brutal sham in Negros Island