Fake penile implants being promoted by the 36th IB in Surigao del Sur, endangers health of the youth

The Community Support Program (CSP) of the 36 th IB does not bring peace and development to the people in the barrios of Surigao del Sur, instead they endanger the health of the youth by spreading fake penile implants (inserting pellets (bolitas) and injecting baby oil/petroleum jelly in the penis).

The New People’s Army (NPA)-Surigao del Sur reported that in areas where COPD/CSP are implemented by the Bravo coy of the 36 th IB PA, led by the brutal and deceitful Cpt. Marayag, fake penile implants proliferated among the youth, including even among adult males. This is most widespread in areas where the 36 th IBPA is based: Brgy. Agsam and Mampi in Lanuza; Brgy. Maitom, Awasian, Mabuhay and Pangi in Tandag City; Brgy. Mabahin, Cortes; Brgy.
Cayale, Tago; Brgy. Magroyong, San Miguel, all in Surigao del Sur. Some of the victims have approached and asked to be treated by the NPA.

The AFP forces has victimized children aged 12-17 years. They are made to wear military uniforms, carry firearms, accompany patrols, carry supplies during operations, handle fighting cocks when soldiers go to cockfights, bring them along during drinking sprees, basketball games, swimming and other activities for entertainment. They are also being
made to spy against or forced to become “spotters” against NPA members. The enemy also use the youth as shields so they will not be attacked by the Red fighters.

When the youngsters becomes comfortable with them, they are then deceived into having their sexual organs injected with baby oil or melted petroleum jelly or inserted with pellets to enlarge or elongate their sexual organs for them to become “real men.” Capt. Marayag’s soldiers themselves do the injections of 14-16 ml. baby oil or petroleum jelly and insert pellets in the sexual organs of the youngsters. They also train adolescents to do the procedure to popularize the act.

Because of this, the sexual organs injected become infected and swollen resulting to injury; the skin, including the testes, rots and is constantly painful. The urethra and seminal tube are compressed resulting to infertility and difficulty in urinating. Infection of the sexual organ intensifies spreading through the blood which may result in death. To save the patient, they will have to spend more than P100,000 for operation with the patient still suffering from impotency his whole life.This procedure has spread throughout the Caraga region and in the whole country and has victimized many youngsters and adult males. This is brought about by patriarchy and machismo characterized by chauvinism and discrimination against women.

Such acts by the AFP shows their rotten thoughts and wickedness. They destroy the future and put the lives of the youth in danger. Like the proliferation of illegal drugs, they intend to distance the youth from analyzing and being aware of the issues and problems besetting society, which are the root causes of armed conflict. As result, the victims become society’s

Thus, it is but right that this should be exposed and opposed. The members of the AFP who initiates this must be punished and the COPD/CSP and detachments of the AFP must be removed from these areas.

We call on the youth to be discerning and to not be deceived by the AFP. Do not harm yourselves! Join the NPA, the true soldiers of the people!

Fake penile implants being promoted by the 36th IB in Surigao del Sur, endangers health of the youth