Fake surrender scheme Army’s milking cow

Close to three million pesos went to the pockets of 11thIB commanders in July-August from the ghost implementation of Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) in the 3rd District of Negros Oriental.

During this period more than 40 civilians were either hoodwinked or threatened to attend in so-called livelihood seminars facilitated by GRP line agencies that turned out to be a prep photo-op event for surrender rite of fictional NPA militias.

According to RMPC-NPA Southeast Negros spokesperson Ka Estrella Banagbanag, the said army top officials pocketed about 2.9million pesos, while only 450,000 were actually distributed in the form non-cash package like goat dispersal, sari-sari store and the like.

From these fictional militias, 11thIB was able to siphon a total of 3,440,000 from E-CLIP fund and allocated most of the amount to their own pockets and only a measly portion went to its show implementation, Banagbanag added.

Furthermore, E-CLIP rules clearly stipulated that the assistance to each surrenderee should be in the form of cash and not materials packages.

“It’a an open secret that over-pricing is commonplace in GRP programs’ implementation. For instance, the two goats plus a sack of feeds distributed per person were valued at 10,000. But a goat can be purchased at 1,500 each and the feeds can be bought at 1,000 per sack or only a total of 4,000. Meaning, the remaining 6,000 can easily be channeled to their pockets,” Banagbanag further said. ###

Fake surrender scheme Army’s milking cow