Fascist onslaught on the people of Himamaylan


Last March 27, 2022 troops belonging to 94th IB of Philippine Army mercilessly set ablaze the house of farmer Raffy Dayupan in Sitio Camuag, Barangay Carabalan, Himaymaylan City, Negros Occidental.

It took place two days after an armed clash between the 94th IB and Red Fighters from the Mount Cansermon Command (MCC), wherein the 94th IB sustained casualties.

Aside from Dayapan, the house of Kiko Paculanang in Sitio Malikoliko of said barangay was also incinerated after being hit by mortar shell.

Greatly humiliated by its failure to wipe out the unit of MCC despite the preponderant number of troops and superior firepower it employed, 94th IB soldiers butchered brothers Jayson and Arnulfo Sabanal, 41- and 30-year-old residents of Sitio Malikomaliko, and presented the NPAs killed in the encounter.

77 residents in ten households of the same sitio were unlawfully prevented from going outside their residence. 94th IB threatened them of bombardment should another encounter happen again in the area.

The soldiers also wrecked a hand tractor and thresher owned by a farmers’ family just because of a baseless allegation that it belong to the NPA and use to accumulate rice stocks for the latter. ###

Fascist onslaught on the people of Himamaylan