Fight and Oust the Chief Terrorist in Malacañang

Translation: Hiligaynon

The terror bill has been signed into law. By placing his signature on the Anti-Terror Bill, Duterte has virtually officially declared martial law in the Philippines. This is a martial law far more brutal and violent than the martial law of his idol Ferdinand Marcos. This is not a prediction because it is actually happening.

I have been a victim and direct witness to Marcos’ martial law. In fact martial law hastened my going underground and finally joining the comrades in the mountains where we could more effectively fight the dictatorship. When the dictator was ousted by the power of the people at the EDSA uprising on February 25, 1986, the millions of Filipinos had vowed never again to allow martial law to reign over our country. The millions of democratic and freedom-loving Filipinos had vowed to themselves that their children and children’s children should never experience and live through another dark period in our history.

But the fascist tyrant is hell-bent to a revival of those dark years outdoing his idol in extent and degree of cruelty and ruthlessness. Like the mad Roman king Caligula, the physically and mentally sick tyrant sitting in Malacañang gleefully gloats over the thought that not only tens but hundreds of thousands of activists, progressives, oppositionists, dissenters and even apolitical citizens would be incarcerated, tortured, murdered, raped, ‘salvaged’, made to disappear – all in the name of so-called terrorism defined by him, his military junta and his ass-licking minions in the Senate and House.

Senate President Vicente Sotto is right in saying that with the anti-terror law there would be no need for martial law. This is so because the terror law, as the name goes, would have white terror pervade over the land. The mad, power-hungry and narcissist president would have legally wield absolute power and would not need a concurrence from the Senate or Congress since both have servilely offered him that power on a silver platter.

Ironically, by signing his terror law Duterte has also signed his political demise. The first martial law was imposed when the revolutionary movement was still young and the people were quite taken aback by Marcos’ lightning raids, murders, incarceration, rape and torture of activists and oppositionists, clamping down of Congress and confiscating the properties of his economic and political rivals. Duterte’s version of state terrorism comes at a time when the revolutionary movement is many times stronger and a wider range of the populace is more politically conscious and more vocal in airing their grievances; the mad murderous tyrant continue to incur their deepening disgust and mounting anger, pushing further his isolation.

Duterte ignores the fact that it was also Marcos’ tyranny that spurred the First Quarter Storm that aroused, organized and mobilized the militant youth activists to go out and learn from the masses. The martial law gave them the impetus to embrace the armed struggle as the most decisive form to defeat the enemy. This was exactly how the armed struggle started in the mountains of Panay.

With state terrorism now legalized we would expect more murders as Duterte and his military junta have planned to eradicate 100,000 activists, progressives and oppositionists. But Duterte could no longer shock and awe the people like his first year in power. The people are fed up with his killings, foul strong man words and treachery. Duterte is a paper tiger that could be ripped and crushed by the power of a people united and determined never again to allow martial law to rule over us.

Let us fight the mad tyrant, traitor and the country’s no. 1 terrorist more militantly and bravely in the streets and more aggressively and deadlier in the countryside. The NDF and NPA in Panay exhort and welcome activists, patriots and genuine democrats who would opt to take up arms against the Duterte dictatorship which is obsessed in crushing and negating the people’s rights, freedom and democracy. NDF-Panay calls on all able-bodied men and women especially the youth to join the armed struggle in the countryside to hasten Duterte’s downfall so that the people would soon be rid of a most contemptible regime. #


Fight and Oust the Chief Terrorist in Malacañang