Fight the reign of terror

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NDF-Bicol condemns the reign of the law of terror in the land. The US-Duterte regime celebrates historical moments for the advancement of people’s rights and welfare with delightful fascist terrorist splendor. This May 1, RTF-ELCAC has again sicced SACLEO on civil rights and welfare advocates of the Bicolanos. In cahoots with the judiciary, fabricated search warrants were released enabling police to plant evidences and illegaly arrest Pastor Dan Belucio, Secretary-General of BAYAN-Bicol and Maria Jesusa Sta. Rosa, spokesperson of Jovenes-Anakbayan. Sychronized operations by the RTF-ELCAC boiled down to Tokhang-styled harassments and killings, fake encounters and mock battles against Bicolano civilians in different parts of the region.

Time after time, the regime has proven its blatant scorn for respecting people’s democratic rights. Instead of joining the masses in their celebration, the regime marks commemorative days with full faced attacks against civil rights advocates.

Consecutive Decembers, a month for commemorating International Human Rights, the regime feasted on disrespecting human rights and murdering Bicolanos. March 8, International Women’s day was a bloody Sunday for Southern Tagalog. Last Holy Week, another round of SACLEO was unleashed upon the masses.

It is easy for several members of the judiciary to collude with the military junta because they know they will be protected by reactionary laws and its criminal enforcers. Hordes of of SACLEO personnel have the guts for they know that they are attacking defenseless individual civilians. This spate of new attacks against the progressive forces is but another kindling to the blaze that will exact revolutionary justice.

NTF-ELCAC and RTF-ELCAC is desperate to save itself from being abolished. Not to be outshined by police’s fabricated charges and illegal arrests, the military also showed the region over the weekend just how rewarding it is to allow the military junta ruled over the populace. Friends and relatives of the Marka couple from San Antonio, Capalonga grieve while residents of Oma-Oma, Ligao are shaken. Blood shed and ammunitions wasted, fabricated encounters and mock battles, mission accomplished! Do they expect a standing ovation for that?

It becomes the Bicolano people’s obligation to stand against state brutality especially because the scales of the reactionary justice system are rigged. The revolutionary movement offers refuge to staunch servants of the people hunted down by the dictatorship. The countryside and the cities pulse with the revolution that will destroy any dictatorship and savagery. The people will be united so that through the class motivated and just armed struggle they can raze to the ground any tyrannical regime and withstand any foreign invasion!

Fight the reign of terror