Frantic cops shot minor during Biao ambush


The stray bullet that reportedly injured a 15-year old boy last Saturday in an ambush by MCC-NPA of a Binalbagan police patrol vehicle in Barangay Biao did not come from NPA fire.

As per reports from witnesses, a policeman was thrown out of their vehicle and fell on the concrete road when the command-detonated explosives set off as signal fire for the ambush.

He was left behind by his companions as the patrol car speeded up away to Biao proper without giving a fight to take cover from its civilian populace and made them as their human shields.

The said policeman ran faster than a marathoner away from Sitio Candida towards the barangay hall.

Already in frantic mode, while running he fired his M-16 rifle spending two magazines (about 40-60 bullets) in the direction of densely-populated Biao proper not in the position of the ambushing MCC-NPA unit unmindful of the safety of civilians.

Upon reaching Biao proper, he was joined by another two policemen in recklessly firing their weapons in the public plaza in midst of civilian houses causing panic among its residents and resulting in the injury of a minor who happened to be situated in nearby Welcome to Biao arc signage.

A retired army officer residing in the area commented that the policemen should not fire their weapons near civilian houses and that they should go where their enemies are to engage them in a firefight.

The MCC-NPA unit did not pursue the policemen since they were already positioned in a residential area. The ambush site is almost 500 meters away from Biao proper.

There’s nothing courageous or meritorious about running away from battle, using civilians as human shields and causing injury from reckless discharge of firearms. ###

Frantic cops shot minor during Biao ambush