Frustrate Duterte’s scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship

It is urgent that the Filipino people unite and vigorously fight to frustrate the Duterte regime’s scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship by enacting the Anti-Terror Law.

The Duterte clique appears to be bent on pushing this fascist measure despite widespread opposition against it. A wide range of groups have stood up and voiced out their protest against the bill. They denounce how the bill will give Duterte martial law powers to proscribe people as “terrorists” and have them arrested and detained without charges.

The patently anti-democratic character of the anti-terror bill, which Duterte certified as urgent has outraged the Filipino people. Their indignation is further roused because it was prioritized over the clamor for mass testing and other health measures needed to face the pandemic. Duterte and his minions risk further political isolation and questions of legitimacy if they push the bill in complete disregard of the people’s opposition.

A very broad front of democratic forces is now arrayed against Duterte. They come from a wide range of political and non-political persuasion. They have issued statements and manifestos and vented their outrage over media and social media. They have manifested their protest through mass actions, ever aware of the need for physical distancing to prevent Covid-19 infections, but more importantly, of the need for social solidarity to fend off the greater danger and threat against democracy.

The Party denounces the Duterte regime for its acts of suppression to push back against opponents of the bill and for using the pandemic to justify anti-democratic measures. A number of protesters have been arrested and detained over the past days, adding to the tens of thousands of people arrested during the 3-month lockdown. State agents have stepped up the campaign of “terrorist-tagging” against activists.

In the provinces and rural areas, away from the eyes of the media, the regime’s campaign of suppression has intensified with a spate of killings in Samar, mass arrests in Bukidnon, attacks and massacre in Bicol, the arrest of mass leaders and coercing peasants to surrender, all in the name of “fighting terrorism.”

The people, however, are not ready to bow down to Duterte’s tyranny. In the face of suppression and threats against their democratic rights, they have displayed even greater unity and determination to fight back. They have come to each other’s aid and have helped strengthen the people’s collective courage and commitment to protect their rights and advance their democratic cause.

It is gratifying that the broad range of forces who now stand against the Anti-Terror Bill are working together and doing their utmost to stop it from being enacted.

Tomorrow, June 12, democratic forces all over the country will come together in different places to manifest their unity against the Anti-Terror Bill. They have chosen the day appropriately, underscoring the fact that 122 years since the declaration of nominal independence, the country remains without sovereignty, in the clutches of big imperialist powers (both the US and China) and under the tyranny of a detested fascist and dictator.

The Party wishes well all the forces of democracy and anti-tyranny. The Party and all revolutionary forces are in solidarity with the Filipino people’s struggle against the Anti-Terror Bill and the Duterte regime’s scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship.

Frustrate Duterte's scheme to establish a fascist dictatorship