Further intensify the people’s democratic war to end imperialist rule!

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Duterte’s prompt offer for imperialist US to use the Philippines for their troops should the war between Ukraine and Russia intensify is an utmost perfidy against the Filipino people. Duterte’ offer is equivalent to sacrificing the lives of 110 million Filipinos who are literally striving to live and overcome the worsening economic crisis and deteriorating human rights violations.

The imperialist US has done this before during the Iran-Iraq war in the early ‘90s when US bases were still in the country and through Gloria Macapagal Arroyo regime’s declaration that the country was US’ second front in its war on terror after the 9/11 bombings.

It is utter foolishness for the Duterte regime to hold on to the Mutual Defense Treaty as basis for the US’ and the Philippines’ cooperation during an attack on either one of them. The people must realize that this lopsided agreement only benefits the imperialist US and its rapacious desire to maintain its teetering hegemony. The US and its puppet Duterte regime will only drag the country into a war that the Filipino people would be made to pay with their lives, livelihood and future.

The masses must brace themselves when the US takes advantage of Duterte’s offer. Although their troops do not have their own bases in the country, under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), they have the liberty to use all existing AFP bases without cost. In Bikol, the imminent construction of a Forward Operating Base in Panay Islands, Panganiban, Catanduanes would be undeniably used and maximized by the US for its military attack ploys against Russia, China or any other target of its terroristic aggression.

The NDF-Bikol calls on all people to unite in opposing and resisting this act of treachery by the US-Duterte regime. It is important to hold the safety and welfare of their fellow Filipinos more than the imperialist US’ deluded desires to remain as the sole superpower in the world. They must fortify their unity and solidarity in order to frustrate the regime’s vicious plans.

The Filipinos must also call to put an end to US instigation of the war between Ukraine and Russia. The Ukrainian people and all the other citizens the US use as pawns that this senseless war only serves to preserve monopoly capitalist oppression.

Above all, the Filipino people should intensify and strengthen their conduct of the peoples’ democratic war. Its triumph will be an enormous blow against the imperialists. At the same time, it will serve as an inspiration and model for all the uprising peoples to realize their class unity and decisively bring the final demise of imperialism.

Further intensify the people’s democratic war to end imperialist rule!