Galvez is talking to his own shadow! Rejoinder to the OPAPP’s dream of an insurgent-free Cordillera region

In a vain attempt to outshine the prospect of the resumption of peace talks between the NDF and the GRP, peace spoilers in the Cordillera wish to steal the show. They undertook a preposterous effort to showcase that local peace talks is the best policy the reactionary regime has taken. Thus, they ridiculously chose the CPLA as their counterpart in the “local peace talks” in the Cordillera.

As the US-Duterte regime is increasingly becoming politically isolated not only from the Filipino people but also from his imperialist patrons, his generals and retired military officials positioned in government are frenziedly competing among themselves for a slice of the proverbial pie before the ship sinks. Ret. General Galvez of OPAPP and his enterprising partner generals in the Philippine Army’s 5th Infantry Division are also cooking up their own brand of gimmick while supposedly implementing the NTF-ELCAC counter insurgency program. Parroting the oft-repeated “localized peace talks” line, they picked up the highly discredited CPLA-CBAd and baptized their unholy partnership as “KA BODONG” chaired by MGen. Pablo Lorenzo of the 5th ID to declare a silly dream of a “road map for an insurgency free Cordillera region come 2022”.

This latest outrageous initiative once again exposes the truncated military mind-set in “ending the communist armed conflict.” They keep the root causes of the raging civil war unaddressed while perpetuating rule of landlords and comprador bourgeoisie along with their imperialist masters over a rotten semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippine society. It is no wonder that the reactionary government and its armed forces continue to resurrect the decomposing CPLA-CBAd as an adjunct for its counter-insurgency operations by projecting them as a legitimate rebel group to supposedly prove the success of their localized peace talks.

There is money in war! This seems to be the dictum guiding these generals in trying to revive a discredited and discarded killing machine in the form of the CPLA-CBAd to misrepresent the Cordillera people as an appendage in their bloody war plan from 2020 to 2022 funded by the US-Duterte regime. A good business, indeed! The cheap trick smacks of showbiz-like nonsense, packaged as an entertainment presentation of the Duterte regime talking to itself.

It can be recalled that the the CPLA have already surrendered themselves when they forged the bogus “sipat” with the Cory regime in 1986 and have been officially integrated to the AFP and its paramilitary forces as CAFGUs during the Arroyo regime.

The CPLA’s kilometric record of human rights violations include murders of mass leaders of progressive people’s organizations, hostile acts against tribes that are tantamount to inciting tribal wars, harassments and intimidations of communities they suspect to be supporting the CPP-NPA-CPDF. Their involvement in land grabbing, squatting and other lumpenic malfeasance and arrogance prompted the local government of Baguio City and the province of Benguet to pass resolutions declaring them persona non grata in 2016 and 2019 respectively. These undesirable activities are all contrary to their claim that they are for peace in the region.

As always, the reactionary government and its Armed Forces keep coddling the CPLA as willing lapdogs. Well, there is money in garbage!

‘Recycling’ was definitely the word of the year in 2019. Confiscated drugs were recycled by the ninja cops. Fake surrenderees were recycled by the corrupt military and police officials. Old pictures were recycled by low-skilled Photoshop trying-hards like the disgraced Masbate flop. Now, we add recycling of fake “localized peace talks”.

The US-Duterte regime’s “road map to make the region insurgency free by 2022” is plain day dreaming. Utilizing the CPLA-CBAd as a force multiplier is a worn out story line. They have been functioning as such since 1986 upon their surrender. Galvez and the 5th ID’s backing of the CPLA will abet their anti-people and criminal activities. They will certainly be the force multiplier for peace spoilers. In the end, the CPLA-CBAd will surely be thrown to the dustbin of Cordillera history as traitors in the struggle for the right to self-determination and democracy. ###

Galvez is talking to his own shadow! Rejoinder to the OPAPP’s dream of an insurgent-free Cordillera region