Gen. Dagoy’s “peace rally” is fake; NPA cannot be defeated in Leyte because of deep roots

The Efren Martires Command (EMC) of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Eastern Visayas today said the NPA has struck deep roots in Leyte and is standing up to the all-out war of the US-Duterte regime, thus dismissing the “peace rally” held last April 13 in San Isidro, Leyte as a charade orchestrated by Army brigade commander Gen. Lope Dagoy. “The NPA has persevered since 1978 in Leyte because it serve the people and advances the armed struggle for national freedom and democracy. The so-called peace rallies staged by the Armed Forces of the Philippines such as in San Isidro are desperate ploys to parade thousands of fake “NPA surrenderees” to falsely claim victory over the NPA,” said EMC spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel. “But the AFP itself admits it cannot defeat the NPA this 2019 and has moved the deadline to 2022.

“Moreover, the AFP keeps on coercing and deceiving peasants who are just innocent civilians to become “NPA surrenderees” and inflate the number of such because the Enhanced Comprehensive Livelihood Integration (E-CLIP) is the cash cow of corrupt military officials. According to Gen. Dagoy’s calculations of E-CLIP benefits per individual, the more than 1,000 “NPA surrenderees” he paraded are already worth more than P500 million pesos. But there is no transparency in the E-CLIP program to show the truthfulness of the cash outlays, and it is thus widely suspected the program is merely lining the pockets of the military.”

The NPA also laughed off Gen. Dagoy’s claim the surrender of an alleged NPA leader galvanized the mass surrender in Leyte. “The island of Leyte is rich in natural resources, but the people are poor and suffer under the elite rule of the big compradors and landlords. That is why the NPA is deeply rooted among the peasants in the Leyte countryside, who cherish their people’s army for supporting their struggle for land and social justice. On the other hand, the people of Leyte despise a rat like Dagoy, who led the summary execution of captured NPA leaders Bibiano Rentillosa and Antonio Ramos in 2006, and continues his brutal role as a wanton violator of human rights and international humanitarian law under his murderous commander-in-chief ,GRP President Rodrigo Duterte. Last December, for example, the fascist troops led by Dagoy terrorized the people and caused mass evacuation in Barangay Anislagan, Calubian after a soldier was killed in a clash with the NPA.

“The people are sick and tired of a vicious butcher like Gen. Lope Dagoy and his master who is the chief executioner today of the poor under the reactionary ruling system. The people despise the brutal Oplan Kapayapaan and the other wars against drugs and the Moro people, that are nothing less than the mass murder of the poor so Duterte could install a fascist dictatorship. The people hail the NPA as their army for waging heroic battle against Duterte’s throne of blood. In due time, the NPA will intensify guerrilla offensives not only in Leyte but the entire Eastern Visayas to annihilate the fascist forces of Duterte and hasten the people’s overthrow of the hated regime.”#


Sumada: NPA nagsering nga hilarum ini nga nakagamot ha Leyte, ginsukna nga buwa an “peace rally” ni Gen. Dagoy. Ginsering yana ni Ka Karlos Manuel han Efren Martires Command han New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas nga diri mapeperdi an NPA ha Leyte tungod kay hilarum ini nga nakagamot ha masa nga parag-uma ngan gin-uundong an ira pakigbisog para ha tuna ngan pankatilingban nga hustisya. Gindugang ni Ka Karlos Manuel nga buwa an ginsesering ni Gen. Lope Dagoy han 802nd Infantry Brigade han Philippine Army nga masobra usa kayukot nga “NPA surrenderees” nga tumambong ha “peace rally,” tungod kay mga inosente nga sibilyan la ini nga gin-gamit agud pagawson nga napeperdi an NPA ngan agud kurakuton an milyun-milyon nga pondo para ha Enhanced Community Livelihood Integration Program. Nagpatapod an Efren Martires Command nga pararayhakon pa hini an mga taktikal nga opensiba ha Leyte ngan bug-os nga Eastern Visayas agud buligan an katawhan ha madagnit nga pagpabagsak ha ginkakangalsan nga GRP President Rodrigo Duterte.#

Gen. Dagoy’s “peace rally” is fake; NPA cannot be defeated in Leyte because of deep roots