Goaeños achieve justice against the repressive military

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Tomas Pilapil Command (TPC)-BHB East Camarines Sur lauds the successful snipe operations carried out by its valiant fighters last October 1, 2021, 2 pm, at Brgy. Scout Fuentebella, Goa, Camarines Sur. Killed in the atritive action was PFC Jerry D. Pabia Jr., one of the butcher military troops performing RCSP in the towns of Goa, Lagonoy and Garchitorena.

Troops of the 83rd IBPA, 96th IBPA and 9th CMO Battalion have been in the area since May. They have been wreaking havoc in five barrios of Goa, five barrios of Lagonoy and eight barrios of Garchitorena since then. From May to July, they have also operated in 23 of the 36 barrios of Tinambac.

The said atritive action is part of the campaign to achieve preliminary justice for the residents of Partido Area who have been continually suffering under the martial law-like rule of RCSP. This is a contribution to the anti-militarization movement of Partido Area masses who are struggling to break free from the tethers of militarization which doubly puts them in harm along with the restrictions caused by the pandemic. This further worsens the lack of livelihood the residents experience.

The comrades’ successful efforts until the complete riddance of the butcher military from the communities are all for the people of Camarines Sur. They can depend on the comrades’ unabiding perseverance to achieve justice for them and make the military pay for all their crimes against the people of Partido Area.

Long Live the New People’s Army!
Justie to all victims of state terrorism!

Goaeños achieve justice against the repressive military