Henry Yuson, suspect who voluntarily surrendered in Rep. Rodel Batocabe’s slay case, not a red fighter; Albayalde, Ano and Duterte, criminal masterminds!


Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Oscar Albalyalde’s latest statement is nothing but a malicious and persistent effort to treacherously implicate the revolutionary movement and the NPA in the high profile murder of Rep. Rodel Batocabe.


His claims that one of the suspects who surrendered, Henry Yuson, for the killing of Rep. Batocabe was a former NPA fighter is an outright lie. Yuson is an active member of the Civilian Auxiliary Force and Geographical Unit (CAFGU) under the command of 22nd Infantry Batallion Bravo Company based in Bonga, Ligao, Albay and is actively engaged in counterrevolutionary actions against the revolutionary movement and the NPA. Yuson and his brothers, Andy and Arnel, also active military agents, are wanted by the people’s court for committing heinous crimes against the masses under the command watch of 22nd IB Bravo Company. He serves as a guide to the fascist troops as they sow terror and wreak havoc during military operations. He is involved in the extra-judicial killings of alleged NPA-supporters and peasant farmers these past few years in Albay. He was also connected in the burning of civilian houses in Pinamaniquian, Ligao City. The alleged surrender of Yuson at the 903rd Brigade Headquarters in Castilla, Sorsogon is a given since Albay is currently under the said unit’s military command.


Yuson and the other three alleged suspects for the murder of Rep. Batocabe, Rolando Arimado, Emmanuel Rosello and Jaywin Babor, are military agents and follow the chain of command brutally institutionalized by the AFP-PNP. AFP Chief Commander Rodrigo Duterte has blatantly ordered the formation and activation of death squads primarily aimed at the revolutionary movement. However, political oppositionists are also targets of extrajudicial killings by the reactionary government’s ‘special operations group’ with readied scripts to implicate and insist CPP-NPA-NDFP’s involvement to hasten the laying of the foundations of Duterte’s fascist dictatorship. Rep. Batocabe’s high profile murder is nothing but a scheme, a tool, to justify Duterte’s Memorandum Order 32 and Executive Order 70, to thwart his political enemies and to impose a nationwide ‘de facto’ Martial upon the country this 2019. The US-Duterte regime fears the overwhelming threat of the Bicolanos’ and local government units’ unity in exposing and opposing his fascist dictatorship.


Duterte’s aspirations to hype up the case to warrant a declaration of a nationwide martial law (ala-Enrile during Marcos’ pre-martial law) has failed to gain momentum. He is unhinged if he thinks he can fool the masses and Rep. Batocabe’s family into believing that military death agents who fled into the arms of their military brethren in areas of Peace and Development Teams (PDT) to evade capture have no connection to the Duterte Death Squad. Even the most novice of criminals knows not to head towards the authorities when dodging arrest.


Elections are coming and no clever political mastermind would dare organize crimes such as the slaying of a political opponent that will implicate them and then leave obvious trails to point to themselves as suspects. Only Duterte and his military minions have the audacity to commit crimes with impunity such as in the case of more than 26,000 victims of EJK, Operation Tokhang, Operation-Double-barrel/Reloaded, DDS, artillery shelling and bombings of communities in Mindanao and the destruction of Marawi City. Albayalde’s claims that a former NPA fighter was involved is a weak jab at the revolutionary movement as he, as always, scrambles to clean up after Duterte. Already in dire straits, the people’s treasury is being wasted on a police force bent on investing intelligence funds not to resolve crimes but to partake in the state’s coverup. The killing of Rep. Batocabe and fabricated stories of bombings in Cotabato and other incidents of lawlessness and violence follows the concocted political manipulation of the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). This ensures US’ control over the political climate of the country.


With the supossed surrender of Yuson, PNP has hastened the sweeping under the rug the sacrifice of Rep. Batocabe’s life to further Duterte’s tyrranical and dictatorial dominion over the country. The 50 million bounty dangled by Duterte for the resolution of the case is in fact a reward for a well executed killing which will now be divided up by the same people who have planned the crime. Despite his surrender, Yuson and his cohorts stand to gain not only financial rewards but also accolade from their commander and peers.


Bicolanos, Unite to Expose Duterte and AFP-PNP’s hand on Rep. Batocabe Slay Case!

Oppose US-Duterte Regime’s Fascist and Terrorist Dictatorship!





Henry Yuson, suspect who voluntarily surrendered in Rep. Rodel Batocabe’s slay case, not a red fighter; Albayalde, Ano and Duterte, criminal masterminds!