Highest Red Salute to Kevin “Ka Facio” Castro


Kabataang Makabayan extends its deepest sympathies to the family, friends, loved ones, and comrades of Kevin “Ka Facio” Castro, whose patriotic and revolutionary life will be met with nothing less than the highest red salute for serving the Filipino people until their very last breath. Ka Facio was mercilessly slain by the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ 1st Infantry Battalion in Polillo, Quezon last February 21.

A student leader, educator, and activist, Ka Facio’s life and ultimate sacrifice is an embodiment of the courageous Filipino youth who selflessly devotes itself to the fight for justice.

Ka Facio was an exemplary student leader and advocate during their college days. Armed with an education from and beyond the university, they quickly learned about the social realities and crises that plague the Filipino people – a reality that bound the masses in chronic poverty and suffering since time immemorial.

Instead of allowing themself to be chained to the semi-colonial and semi-feudal society’s expectations of an accomplished petit bourgeoisie, Ka Facio did not hesitate to color outside the lines and use their time, skills, and intellect to wage the national democratic revolution – to teach and learn from the masses in Quezon and struggle against the injustices of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism.

They joined the New People’s Army and took up arms, alongside the Filipino peasant and working class, to fight against the fascist and murderous state. Ka Facio knew all about the sacrifices and hardships that their decision entailed, but those were never enough to dissuade them from following the path toward genuine and lasting liberation and peace.

Today and every day, Ka Facio will be remembered and honored by the patriotic and revolutionary masses for their selflessness and militancy.

Their death will strengthen the people’s resolve to continue the struggle for national democracy. Their revolutionary aspirations can only fuel the Filipino youth’s growing resolve to assert their rights and collectively struggle towards the liberation of the Filipino masses.

Kabataang Makabayan draws renewed courage and strength from Ka Facio as we tirelessly wage resistance against Duterte’s fascist regime and all those who seek to undermine the people’s democracy and rights.

As the reactionary election nears, all patriotic and democratic youth must hold the ruling class accountable for all the blood spilled and lives lost at the hands of a brutal regime.

The state’s worsening oppression and terror is not something to fear. Rather, it is a reminder that we must, now more than ever, continue forging revolutionary unities and advance the people’s war towards greater victories!

On behalf of Ka Facio and all the revolutionary martyrs, we march on!

Long live Ka Facio! Join Kabataang Makabayan!
Long live the national democratic revolution! Join the New People’s Army!

Highest Red Salute to Kevin “Ka Facio” Castro