In solidarity with protests across the nation

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) expresses solidarity with hundreds of thousands of people currently converging in Manila and other parts of the country. The real state of the nation will be heard in the streets – not from Duterte’s speech in the opening of Congress. Today’s rallies serve as a powerful force against the corrupt, criminal, fascist, and puppet Duterte regime. These show the people’s widespread and profound hatred for Duterte.

In just two years under Duterte, the people have gone through grave hardship and suffering. Millions have bore the brunt of additional hefty taxes. Thousands have been killed and harassed by the fascist and criminal regime. Duterte’s endless schemes – the “war against terrorists,” “charter change,” and other sinister plots – are all meant to justify his iron-fisted rule, plan impose nationwide martial law, and consolidate and extend his power.

Today, Duterte will face the nation trembling at his knees amid worsening political crisis. In just two years, he has become extremely isolated. Only a handful of military and police officials, and only a few big businessmen, remain supportive of his rule.

Despite this, like a trapped animal, Duterte will undoubtedly unleash all savagery just to remain in power.

To the Filipino people! Prepare for greater struggles ahead! Build the broadest unity! Fortify your courage and resolve to continue to march and struggle to end the fascist and puppet Duterte regime.

Duterte embodies the worst aspects of the rotten ruling system. He is presently the largest bureaucrat-capitalist. He is at the helm of the class rule of big landlords and big burgeois compradors. Fighting the US-Duterte regime is part and parcel of the national-democratic struggle.

Throughout the country, the armed revolutionary struggle flourishes. This is despite Duterte’s total war against the people. In the countryside, the New People’s Army is firmly defending the people, waging people’s war, and launching tactical offensives against the most rabid fascist AFP units. The NPA is continuously amassing armed strength while establishing the foundations of the new democratic government across the nation.

End the fascist and puppet US-Duterte regime!
Advance the people’s democratic revolution!

In solidarity with protests across the nation