Intensify democratic and anti-imperialist struggles under Biden government

With his inauguration today as new US president, Joe Biden takes over the reins of the most powerful imperialist state in the world. He starts his regime as the US and the global capitalist economy reel from crisis and recessions and as interimperialist conflicts intensify with rival powers seeking to protect their global economic interests and expand their hegemony.

Key factors that can play into the prospects of waging democratic and anti-imperialist struggles under the new Biden regime, include the following:

1. The American working class and people suffer from widespread joblessness as almost 1 million people lost their jobs in the first week of the year. They are burdened by rising debt, homelessness and other social maladies.

2. The American people remain under threat as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread with more than 400,000 deaths so far. The Biden regime has promised to turn around the failed pandemic response of the Trump government and put a stop to the rapid spread of the virus.

3. Amid the capitalist crisis, the Biden regime is set to embark on a massive stimulus package to jump start the American economy with funds far bigger than amounts used to bail out the banks and financial institutions following the 2008 housing crisis. The American workers and toiling people will demand that more funds be spent on bailing ordinary people out of debt, poverty and social misery than to guarantee the profits of the monopoly capitalists.

4. Like all previous imperialist chiefs, Biden is set to promote “American world leadership”—a euphemism for US global hegemonism. He will, however, have to confront the reality of a multipolar world and the rising economic and geopolitical power and influence of China.

5. The Biden regime is set to continue and intensify US aggressive military action in the South China Sea and East China Sea to counter China’s expanding military strength. It will continue to strengthen its influence and power in the Middle East to control oil resources. The desire of the US to penetrate the European oil market will come into conflict with Russia which supplies a large part of natural oil to Germany and other countries.

6. The Biden regime will be confronted by the heightening struggle of the American working class and people to defend their economic and political rights. It will be under pressure to make good its promises and accede to the growing clamor for jobs, wage increases, better working conditions and expansion of state guarantees; as well as racial justice and an end to xenophobia, bigotry, police brutality and militarization of law enforcement.

7. The American people and peoples around the world will continue to develop democratic and anti-imperialist solidarity and support for each others struggles. Specific to the Philippines, the incoming Biden regime will face the rising clamor, both locally and internationally, to end military and political support for the tyrannical Duterte regime which is internationally notorious for the mass murder of thousands and widespread human rights abuses by state armed forces.

8. The revolutionary proletarian elements in the US will continue to develop their strength and initiative, counter the rise of ultra-right and fascist influence among the toiling people, and increase their capacity to lead the democratic and class struggles of the American working class and people.

Intensify democratic and anti-imperialist struggles under Biden government