Intimidation and forced surrender, massive corruption of the AFP!

Intimidation and the forced surrender of 2,510 individuals alleged as supporters and supposed members of the New People’s Army (NPA) is nothing new to Negrosanons especially in Northern Negros. This is a hackneyed and stale scheme of the AFP/PNP under the “counter-insurgency” campaign of Oplan Kapanatagan of the dictator-fascist regime to silence and impede the struggling exploited classes and other democratic sectors aspiring for genuine peace based on social justice. This is the grandest fictional drama of the AFP directed by BGen. Benedict Arevalo of the 303rd Brigade.

The truth is the 2,510 individuals were threatened and coerced to make them appear as surrenderees egging on BGen. Arevalo’s fantasy of winning their anti-NPA campaign. Massive corruption has been a vice in the ranks of AFP/PNP top officials. AFP/PNP officials pocketed and milked for corruption the P163,150,000 (P65,000 per surrenderee) reward money while the 2,510 individuals they intimidated into surrendering and accused as NPA supporters did not receive even a five peso coin. They mislead the people with their triad operations (intelligence operation, combat operation and civil military operation) using relief and medical missions, giving projects through the Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA), constructing roads and infrastructures, free internet/wifi and other pretences of addressing the issues of the masses to lure them into attending assemblies which cover their deceptive intent of turning the attendees into NPA surrenderees, forcing civilians to sign and pledge as returnees to the reactionary government.

Even local governments are victims of intimidation and were forced to declare the NPA as persona non grata and if they refuse the AFP/PNP/DILG’s dictate they will be subject to trumped-up charges and will be tagged as NPA supporters.

The malicious instigation of 300 civilians tagged as NPA surrenderees in Northern Negros that they can capture any NPA member and be used in red-tagging mass leaders, progressive organizations and other allies supportive of the struggle of the people aims to break the ranks of the Negrosanons who, in truth, is already filled with outrage and dismay over the injustices and the deluge of blood under the Duterte regime.

The NDF-Negros together with the revolutionary forces and Negrosanons vehemently condemn the intimidation, deception and massive corruption perpetrated by AFP/PNP officials that worsen the hunger and poverty of exploited classes. These generate terror and devastation of livelihood and abuse of human rights. In the midst of brazen sowing of intrigues and deception of the AFP/PNP, the people are very aware of the stench of the military and police forces and no longer believe the filth streaming from their worm-rotten mouths.

BGen. Eric Vinoya, Joint Task Force (JTF)- Negros commander and 3ID Assistant Division Commander, and BGen. Arevalo’s heads are swollen with the illusion of destroying local “insurgency” in Negros by the end of 2019. The priority of JTF-Negros is to annihilate the Northern Negros and Central Negros NPA fronts. This only indicates further spread and intensification of militarization in the countryside and cities causing worse cases of human rights violations simultaneous with the sharpening of the socio-economic and political crisis. Because of this, a lot more will take the path of armed struggle. The revolutionary forces are ever-ready to confront the tyranny and anti-people policies of the Duterte regime imposed in Negros Island. The doom of the AFP/PNP, their commander-in-chief Duterte and his dictator-fascist regime is guaranteed.

All democratic forces are called on to strengthen their ranks. Shatter terror in order to fight for our democratic rights. To the ranks of local government, stand for the welfare of the people rather than using your authority against people’s interests. To all Negrosanons, unite, be courageous in resisting and exposing the bloody “counter-insurgency” plans under Oplan Kapanatagan and the deceptive Provincial Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (PTF-ELCAC). Push for the resumption of peace talks between the GRP and NDFP to address the root cause of armed conflict in the Philippines.

Advance the just people’s war into a higher stage to achieve genuine democracy, national liberty and just and lasting peace in Negros Island and the whole country.###

Intimidation and forced surrender, massive corruption of the AFP!