Is red-tagging of Robredo supporters part of scenario building for crackdown?

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Some political personalities, including a presidential candidate, publicly claimed yesterday that participants in the recent large election rally in Cavite supporting the Robredo-Pangilinan electoral ticket included those “trained” by the CPP and New People’s Army.

This red-tagging directed against the “pink crowd” is clearly a desperate attempt to derail the broad democratic united front against Duterte that is now steadily expanding and breaking grounds across the country. A wide array of political forces are coming together to frustrate the ruling Duterte clique’s scheme to perpetuate itself in power and restore the Marcoses to Malacañang.

The anti-democratic forces, especially those behind the Marcos-Duterte camp, are starting to panic in the face of the successive large Robredo-led anti-Duterte rallies over the past few weeks.

The anti-Duterte political movement is bound to further rise and expand as the broad masses continue to fight back and make urgent demands in the face of skyrocketing prices, low wages, widespread unemployment and overall drop in their standards of living.

Red-tagging of the broad democratic forces behind the Robredo-Pangilinan campaign serves the Duterte regime’s scenario-building of generating political chaos and blaming “communists,” in order to justify the use of the Anti-Terror Law and military and police forces to carry out widespread crackdown and mass arrests.

There are pervasive information that Duterte’s inner circle continues to plan imposition of military rule before or right after the elections, in order to steal the elections and perpetuate its power in collusion with the Marcoses. The ultimate aim is to secure their plundered wealth and protect Duterte against international and local prosecution for his rampant crimes against humanity.

Is red-tagging of Robredo supporters part of scenario building for crackdown?