It is not the NPA but the AFP that bombards civilians while paying lip service to human rights

In response to allegations about a child casualty in Nothern Samar, the Efren Martires Command of the New People’s Army in Eastern Visayas today said the NPA does not target civilians and is duly guided by its revolutionary principles, the CARHRIHL and the laws of war. “Whenever the NPA does commit mistakes, it takes responsibility and ensures justice and indemnification for any victims and the accountability of the erring NPA members. Let us thus wait for the official report of the responsible NPA command in the province and be critical of the anti-NPA and fascist propaganda of the Duterte regime and its Armed Forces of the Philiipines,” said EMC spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel.

Manuel also slammed the AFP for smearing the NPA for rights violations while its silence over the bombardment and strafing of civilian communities by Duterte’s troops shows its lip service to human rights and international humanitarian law. “Not once has the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army acknowledged the human rights violations committed by its troops, which include the use of artillery and the encampment of at least 8 barangays in Northern Samar last October by elements of the 20th IB, the aerial bombings and helicopter overflights in Brgy. Bay-ang, San Jorge, Samar last January, and the most recent forced surrenders and election-related harassment in several barrios in San Jose de Buan,” Manuel added.

The NPA spokesperson also said command-detonated explosives are weapons of war by the poor that are presently recognized as legitimate. “The NPA uses command-detonated explosives that are manually triggered against legitimate targets. Meanwhile, the AFP and its imperialist backers like the US are not only known to use automatically detonated landmines that does not discriminate between combatant and non-combatant, but also blithely use the weapons of the rich like artillery, aerial bombs, armed drones and missiles to bomb and oppress the poor, the laws of war be damned.”

Manuel noted further that it is not farfetched to attribute the black propaganda against the NPA to the paid trolls of the Duterte regime instructed to wage a fascist mass campaign against the administration’s opposition, as well as to cover up the recent losses of the Philippine Army to the NPA. Two intelligence operatives of the 20th IB were killed in Las Navas while a soldier was wounded in Calbiga after two separate military actions by the NPA last April 15.

“We assure the people they can bank on the integrity and honor of the NPA to stay true to its revolutionary principles of serving the people wholeheartedly as well as observing international protocols, and defending them from the atrocities of the fascist military,” Manuel ended.#


Sumada: NPA ha Eastern Visayas ginbaton an alegasyon kabahin han batan-on nga kaswalti ha Northern Samar, ngan nagsering nga diri hira natarget ha mga sibilyan ngan hira gin-gigiyahan han mga rebolusyunaryo nga prinsipyo hini, han CARHRIHL ngan han mga internasyunal nga balaud han gerra. Ginkakarawat hini an responsabilidad kun nagsasayop, ngan ginseseguro an hustisya ha mga biktima ngan baratunon han nagsasayop nga kaapi han NPA. Samtang, an AFP ginpapakaraut an NPA kundi mamingaw ha panmomba ngan pan-istraping nga ginbubuhat hini ha mga komunidad han sibilyan, sugad han pagkampo hini ha mga barangay ha Northern Samar hadton Oktubre, panmomba ngan pan-istraping ha Brgy. Bay-ang ha San Jorge hadton Enero, ngan pwersahay nga pagpasurender ngan harasment ha San Jose de Buan hadton Marso. Sigon kan Ka Karlos Manuel, tagapagyakan han Efren Martires Command han NPA ha Eastern Visayas, poyde nga gintatahuban la han mga ginbaydan nga troll han rehimen Duterte an pagkaperdi han mga tropa han AFP kontra ha NPA. Nanawagan hi Manuel ha publiko nga hulton an upisyal nga sumat tikang ha responsable nga kumand han NPA ha prubinsya ngan magin kritikal ha kontra-NPA ngan pasista nga propaganda han rehimen Duterte ngan AFP.#

It is not the NPA but the AFP that bombards civilians while paying lip service to human rights