It is the AFP, not the NPA, that receives billions to finance terroristic activities

Akin to Duterte’s narco-list of his proscribed individuals embroiled in the illegal drug trade, the 1001st Infantry Brigade has recently warned unnamed companies and persons, saying it has a “list” of supposed supporters financing the New People’s Army. This latest psywar ploy by the Armed Forces of the Philippines invoked the insidious Anti-Terrorism Act and the Terrorism Financing Prevention and Suppression Act to send a thinly-veiled threat to every individual and organization the fascists have tagged as supporters or sympathizers of the revolutionary movement.

But in truth, if ever there is an organization that consistently and without compunction receives billions of pesos and dollars to finance its terroristic activities, it is the fascist AFP itself, along with the equally fascist and corrupt Philippine National Police. Together, they are sole beneficiaries of high grade albeit second-hand war materiel from the US and its warmongering military allies. They are the recipient of destructive military technology such as drone surveillance systems, 500-pound bombs and jet fighter planes that have terrorized peasant and Lumad communities in the countryside.

Since 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic raged on and aggravated the economic suffering of the masses in the region, the 10th ID and the Eastern Mindanao Command went on a spending spree using precious taxpayers money and military aid to acquire deadlier and more sophisticated military armament for their anti-people counterinsurgency war. As reward for its focused terrorist operations in Southern Mindanao, the 10th ID earlier this month received Israeli-made armored mortar carriers, KM250 trucks, sports utility vehicles and other military assets.

In addition, it is in fact the greedy officials of the AFP and their minions who were caught many times extorting money and resources and receiving protection money from illegal logging operators, mining companies, contractors of construction companies, and other businesses. Their lavish lifestyles are being financed both by taxpayers’ money and other mercenary activities.

With nothing but mere allegations to back its recent preposterous claim, the AFP makes a mockery of its own reactionary judicial system, attacking its perceived civilian enemies as guilty until proven innocent. It is a time-tested terroristic tactic, in the mold of the US Patriot Act, contrived by its US imperialist master in order to justify its wars against just resistance and national liberation movements by the peoples of the world.

Since its fascist crusade under the auspices of the two draconian laws in Southern Mindanao, the AFP has largely victimized activists and leaders of the legal democratic movement and even ordinary civilians. It jeopardized the essential operations of religious institutions, Lumad schools, non-government organizations, even well-meaning individuals who set-up community pantries to aid people in dire need at the height of the pandemic. All these victims were first red-tagged, harassed with legal action using the ATL and other such oppressive laws, vilified in traditional and social media, and later closed down, with their leaders arrested or killed summarily.

In brutishly continuing to push civilians and organizations to the wall and putting a target on their backs, the AFP will soon find itself in a catch-22 situation. Even as it unwittingly recognizes the status of the people’s democratic government by admitting its influence and belligerency, the AFP likewise generates even greater resistance from the millions of people it antagonizes and victimizes.

Even so, the AFP has always chosen to forget that the source of strength of the NPA comes from the abject conditions that the fascists and mercenaries adamantly perpetuate and the unwavering support of the millions of masses who struggle to be freed from the oppressive semi-colonial and semi-feudal system.

It is the AFP, not the NPA, that receives billions to finance terroristic activities