Jose Maria Sison condemns fake news

I hereby condemn as fake the following article written by Lee Ann P. Ducusin in Journal News Online:

1. I have not been advising Leni Robredo although I think that she is a far more qualified candidate for president than Ferdinand Jr. who has no qualification but to campaign with too much money from the bureaucratic loot of the late unlamented fascist dictator, Ferdinand Sr.

2. I have not been consulting with Barry Gutierrez, the spokesman of Robredo.

3. I presume that the Ang Bayan, official publication of the Communist Party of the Philippines, will deny the fake report of Lee Ann P. Ducusin.

4. I have never been approached or interviewed by the aforesaid Ducusin.

I repeat that Robredo is far more qualified as candidate for president than a spoiled brat like Marcos who is a keeper of money and other assets stolen from the people and who wants to revive the brutal and corrupt rule of his father and continue the same kind of rule by Duterte.###

Jose Maria Sison condemns fake news